Xilin Association celebrates Lunar New Year at Fox Valley Mall

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On Saturday, January 28th, Xilin Association celebrated the year of the rabbit, also known as the 2023 Lunar New Year at the Fox Valley Mall.

“It’s just this festive spirit that we can share from our Asian community and we can share our pride and our culture with everyone. That’s what means the most to me,” said Xilin Association Director of Community Engagement Sophia Lou.

Yo-Yo, martial arts and more

Friends and family came together for the fifteen day celebration by enjoying Chinese performances.

“We had a kung fu performance, a Xilin’s children’s choir and the dancing crew. We also have a martial arts group, and we have Yo-Yo performers as it was so popular,”  said Luo.

Since opening its doors in 1989, Xilin Association has expanded in the greater Chicago area throughout the years. Celebrations such as Chinese New Year are popular attractions for the community.

“We want to celebrate diversity. And as an immigrant from China, I feel obligated to share my culture with the community at large, with everyone,” said Luo.

Growth in the Xilin Association

After a day full of excitement, growth in the future for the association is on the right track.

“I witnessed our expansion, our growth, into other cities serving other different communities every single day. So we’re very proud of that,” said Luo.

Naperville News 17 Patrick Codo Reports