Zoppé Family Circus Comes to Naperville

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The Zoppé Circus

It’s not just about clowning around at the Zoppé Circus.

The Italian family circus has been under the big top for 176 years, and finally brought their performance to Naperville for Festa Italiana.

For the circus performers, it is a true family affair.

“This feels like a family thing for generations that makes us feel happy a lot and the audience a lot. So that’s why I love it,” said third grade performer Giovanni “Julien” Zoppé, who plays Ninetto the Clown.

A Family Circus

Julien lives in Naperville, so he doesn’t always get to perform with his father, Giovanni Zoppé. So this performance was special for the father-son duo.

“He’s a truly incredible artist, it’s in his soul and his spirit,” said Giovanni, who plays Nino the Clown.

Even though it’s a family circus in terms of blood, a connection also forms with the other performers.

“We are all about family here. Everybody is family, we become family, a lot of blood family. But the bond between the artists – it just grows throughout the year,” said Giovanni.

The Circus Acts

The Zoppé’s brought a round of laughs with their clown act, but everyone’s eyes turned upward as one family glided in the air with their trapeze act. And the crowd was amazed as a contortionist shot a bow and arrow using her feet.

Even though each person has a talent, it’s the sense of family that’s special to this circus.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.