Athletic Directors Deal with Chaos

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Athletic Directors from our local high schools have been dealing with the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and spring schedule. This sports feature is presented by Edward Medical Group.

Bob: It has been absolutely crazy and our staff has been running and is dragging a little bit right now at this time of year.

2021 seems to be making up for the lack of activity in 2020… in a big way. Especially if you ask those in charge of scheduling, hosting, attending and cheering for their school’s teams

Bob: You know, it’s one thing – you’re busy – and you get to as many events as you can get to but when you have the responsibility to host that event, things are a little more difficult. Just a little more taxing. My staff has been terrific – my athletic training staff, my event management staff, my assistant AD’s and event managers – they’ve been running around like crazy.

Not only are there ten sports currently in progress, playoffs have begun for most of those – oh, plus some other wrenches.

Bob: Not only are we trying to fit in boys and girls lacrosse and boys and girls track and field and girls soccer into the stadium. But now we lose the stadium for four days or so to our commencement and other celebratory things we do for our seniors.

Now, what makes 2021 such a time-consuming brew? Well, out of necessity to try and maximize the calendar by the IHSA.

Bob: The IHSA has moved away – obviously all of the COVID protcols have put us in a scenario where we stacked seasons and sports upon each other sp you have sports that are finishing at the same time that never have before.

So while Bob Quinn and his fellow Athletic Directors will have a reprieve soon, the coming weeks will contain as much chaos as they’ve ever experienced. And likely most they ever will.

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