Badminton Metea Valley vs. Naperville North 03.08.21

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Naperville North badminton hosts the Metea Valley Mustangs in the final regular season meet of the season as they prep for the DVC showdown. This highlight is presented by BMO Harris Bank.

Who let the Dawgs out? It doesn’t matter it’s time for some Badminton in Huskie land. Naperville North badminton is coming off a shut out against DeKalb. The visiting Metea Valley Mustangs are looking for a bounce back win after losing to Neuqua.

1 Doubles

Let’s start with the number one doubles pairing, featuring the Huskie duo of Shannon Xu and Bhaavya Manikanda facing Metea’s Sophia Wang and Vivian Kok. Xu is able to put that birdie in a difficult spot making it hard for the Mustangs to track down. Set 2 and we get a nice rally but the Huskies get the point after the birdie hits the net. The North’s duo sweeps with scores of 21-10 and 21-8.

2 Doubles

2 Doubles and here’s North’s Emily Shin and Rosana Liang taking a point over Mustangs Anajana Viswanathan and Sreeja Gadepalli after the birdie just misses the racket. The Mustang duo makes things interesting as Viswanathan and Gadepalli keep their concentration on the birdie and catch a break after the Huskies hit the birdie out of bounds. Set 2 and the Huskie duo isn’t backing down as the seesaw battle ends with the birdie being knocked into next week. Shin and Liang sweep the match by scores of 21-18 and 21-19.

3 Doubles

The sweep fest continues in the 3 doubles as North’s Connie Lu and Sarah Yen also bring the fire against Metea’s Mirudhula Viemurugan and Mayling Alonso. 21-13 and 21-7 yours finals in the sweep.

1 Singles

To the 1 singles and it’s not even fair when you have Shannon Xu on the court. She brings out the broom after hitting cruise control, taking the set by scores of 21-3 and 21-9.

2 Singles

Here is Manikanda again this time in the 2 singles and are you surprised on the result? No neither are we. The Huskie sweeps her way past Vivian Kok by same score of 21-4 in both matches.

3 Singles

3 Singles and it’s a good one with Sarah Yen and Anjana Viswanathan. First Yen finds an open spot for the birdie to land on, as her opponent can’t quite reach it. How about some more rallies as Viswanathan also finds a spot and just smacks the daylights out of that birdie for the point. However Yen was too much for the Mustang as the birdie hits the net and she takes the sweep. Naperville North badminton sweeps in 12 out of their 15 matches winning by a big margin 12-3.

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