Badminton Metea Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley 04.07.22

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Metea Valley badminton travels down the road to Waubonsie Valley where the Mustangs dominate the Warriors. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

We have our first badminton highlight of the season as Metea Valley travels down the road to Waubonsie Valley for a DVC matchup.

One Doubles

Our first match of the night is one doubles between Waubonsie’s Carissa Chen and Dhriti Vaitla against Metea’s Sophia Wang and Vivian Kok.

After a strong start by the Mustang duo, Waubonsie’s Chen gets a point on the board.

Wang comes right back and gets a point for Metea giving the duo a first set win by a score of 21-9.

Second set, Chen hits a shot at Wang that she cannot return.

A couple of points later and some back and forth action at the net ends when Wang’s shot gets behind the Waubonsie duo.

Vivian Kok finishes off the match for the Mustangs and the doubles pair wins the second set 21-13.

Two Singles

We see more from Kok this time in two singles as she takes on Waubonsie’s Shruthi Vasudevan. The Warrior starts this one out with a point.

We skip to set point for Kok who is up by 15 and she secures the first set winning 21-5.

Second set now and Kok picks up right where she left off as she smashes it for the point.

Match point for the Mustang as she finishes off the match with a backhand shot giving her the 21-4 set two win.

One Singles

Our final match of the night is one singles between Waubonsie’s Carissa Chen and Metea’s Sophia Wang and the Mustang starts strong with a point.

However, Chen would come back and end up winning the first set by a score of 21-14.

Into the second set with Chen leading early on, but Wang bounces back and her shot goes over her opponent’s head to get the point.

We have some back and forth action between the two and Chen caps it off with a nice smash.

Match point for Chen as her shot is too much to handle giving her the 21-12 set two win. Despite the freshman’s victory, Waubonsie falls to Metea Valley by a score of 14-1.

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