Badminton Waubonsie Valley vs. Neuqua Valley 02.18.21

February 19, 2021
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After getting snowed out earlier in the week, Neuqua Valley badminton welcomes the Warriors of Waubonsie Valley for a DVC clash. Wildcats ready to get back at it.

Three Doubles

Doubles gets the meet started as the number three matchup features Gowri Salem and Shruti Panse from Neuqua Valley against Risa Mohapatra and Sairishika Pula from Waubonsie Valley. Experience prevails as the upperclassmen from NV defeat the Waubonsie sophomores.

Two Doubles

Over to number two doubles as Riya Trikha and Shrira Sarkar from Waubonsie face Cynthia Zhang and Anjana Bha-rad-waj. An early point goes to the Warriors duo.

The Wildcats bounce back quickly as Zhang smashes a point home in a blur as Neuqua takes the first set.

Waubonsie badminton looking to stay alive in the second set and after a back and forth volley, the return lands just outside the line and Neuqua takes the win 21-10, 21-13.

One Doubles

Over to number one doubles with Sonali Manoharan and Nicole George from WV taking on Bhavi Barnwal and Helen Zhao from Neuqua. A tremendous volley between all four players. Manoharan barely digs one out and Barnwal finds the net. Point for the Warriors.

Neuqua takes the first set and leads late in set two, Barnwal with a strong smash that splits the Warriors duo and secures the two set win 21-19, 21-17.

Two Singles

Bhavia Barnwal back to work as number two singles against Riya Trikha and again Barnwal shows off the power with an overhand smash.

In set number two, Trikha’s return catches her opponent off guard, landing short of her racquet for the point.

But later in the set, Barnwal is able to secure the victory, showing off the touch. The Wildcat wins it 21-12, 21-6.

Three Singles

Three singles now as Helen Zhao serves to Nicole George. Zhao with the backhand drop shot for the set one point.

A move so nice, she does it twice as Zhao goes on to victory with another drop shot and another win for Neuqua Valley.

One Singles

The match of the day comes from number one singles as Sonali Manoharan and Gowri Salem go head to head. A pair of seniors who were state quarterfinalists back in 2019. Salem looking for a little revenge as Manoharan defeated her crosstown rival en route to a 5th place finish at state.

After Salem takes the first set 21-17, she has the Warrior a little out of sorts. Picking up the rare ace as Manoharan thought the serve would fall short.

Manoharan regroups with Coach Nebor after falling behind in the second set. The pep talk works as the WV senior goes on the attack and evens things up by winning set two 21-9.

Despite not having a season a year ago, these two have faced off plenty of times making it challenging to gain an edge. But Manoharan uses a nasty drop shot for another point.

In the end its Manoharan who gets the win in three sets thanks to a perfectly placed lob. But Neuqua Valley earns the overall team victory 14-1.

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