Benet Academy boys tennis finishes regular season with a victory over Glenbard West

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Benet Academy boys tennis sweeps singles and comes up with an impressive late season victory over Glenbard West. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

The final regular season boys tennis match before sectionals begin sees Glenbard West visiting Benet Academy.

Benet looks sharp in both one and two doubles

In one doubles we have Benet’s Michael Campione and Peter Charuk facing Tony DiLoreto and Reid Fournier for the Hilltoppers.

In the first set, Campione sends a forehand return. He then sends a screamer right back at his opponents which deflects off a racquet and out of play for the Redwing point. Benet takes set one 6-0.

The Redwings settle in and dominate the back half of the second set. Charuk with a strong return and it’s a straight set victory for Benet 6-0, 6-3.

In two doubles we have a pair of sophomores from Benet in Hugh Davis and Grant Perry against two more Glenbard West seniors, Jacob Siemsen and Danny Vondruska.

It’s a back and forth opening set. Perry gets low to scoop the ball out before sending the high bouncer back over as well. Davis lunges right and slices a return over that just dies as it hits the court. Redwings take set one 7-6.

Davis gets a lot of power on this serve as a high lob comes back across the net. Davis has plenty of time to line one back with a big forehand for the point. Benet looking strong in set two.

Match point for the Redwings as Perry has the serve. Davis taps a return over and check out this bizarre ending. A Hilltopper throws his racquet at the ball and actually manages to get the ball back over the net while Davis and Perry begin to celebrate the point. However, it is not legal to throw your racquet at the ball despite the entertaining effort. The point and the match goes to Benet Academy 7-6, 6-1. Glenbard West does pick up a win in three doubles.

Redwings sweep singles play to wrap up the regular season

The final match of the day is at one singles after the Redwings took wins at two and three singles from Zach Bobofchak and Marcelo Bolivar. George Bender from Glenbard West takes on sophomore Patrick Burke from Benet.

Bender serving in the near court and Burke has to work just to get the ball back over, but he recovers quickly and sends a scooping forehand return that sinks too low for Bender to dig out. Burke gleefully celebrates the set one victory 6-4.

Bender bounces back nicely by winning the second set 6-1 with another strong serve before moving towards the net and firing a return past Burke for the point.

This match would head to a ten point tiebreaker. Burke leading 9-7, one point away from victory as he uses his underhand serve. He then sweeps a backhand return across the court. Bender lines one back over but it’s a few inches too wide and the Redwings take the victory. Benet Academy feeling good with a 6-1 team win as well heading into the sectional round.

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