Benet Academy boys volleyball starts regional journey with a big win over Marmion Academy

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Benet Academy boys volleyball defeats the Marmion Academy Cadets in two sets to move on to the regional semifinal. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Benet Academy boys volleyball enters the Glenbard South regional as a ten seed as the Redwings face the 24 seeded Marmion Academy Cadets in the regional quarterfinal round.

Redwings soar to a strong start

Early in the opening set, Benet looks to set the tone as Jacob Olejnik sets one back to Dominic Krzeczkowski who throws it down for the kill. Redwings leading 5-2.

Marmion has some great size of its own with Kyle Wydra using every inch of his 6’8 frame to power this kill as the Cadets stay close.

Later in the set, Martin Radgowski with a serve. Libero Ryan Mitra makes a great sliding dig, Thomas Galbraith then gets the kill as Benet extends the lead to 9-5.

Redwings back on the serve as Sam Panatera lets it go. Benet then gets a block at the net before Panatera comes flying in and lays out for the dig that goes back over. A nice dig from Reed Hefley helps set up Aris Maurukas for the kill. Benet going on a run up 18-6.

Maurukas now serving for set point. A free ball goes over as Radowski blocks it back. The sophomore then makes it back to back blocks to close out the set 25-9 as the Redwings look sharp early on.

Benet pulls away late in set two

The Cadets look to start the second set on a strong note to send some momentum the other way. Marmion is ready for this return as Landon Menini sets up Samuel Dalmann who gets up for the kill and the early 1-0 lead.

Aris Maurukas with a serve and he delivers the first of two aces in the set, starting a strong run at the serving line for the sophomore.

Maurukas still serving and the Cadets send a free ball back. Another Redwing sophomore, Matt Swiatkowski gets up for the block right in the middle as he slams it down. 8-1 Redwings on a roll.

Benet ready to pull away as Marmion tries to tap this return over. Olejnik sets up Krzeczkowski who dominates the second set with his size and power.

The Cadets are looking to turn the tide. Thomas Canavan goes for the backline kill, but Shane Walsh is there for the block to pull Benet closer to the semis.

Marmion on the serve facing match point. Ethan Dulceak is able to prevent the first Redwing kill attempt. However, Benet is able to set up another attack as Gefley passes to Swiatkowski who pushes the ball over for the final point. The Redwings win in two sets 25-9, 25-18, advancing to the regional semifinals to face Glenbard South.

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