Benet Academy softball defeats Waubonsie Valley in a tight contest

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Benet Academy softball comes from behind and hangs on to get a big road DVC victory over the Waubonsie Valley Warriors. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Another day, another softball game for Waubonsie Valley as the Warriors go up against the Benet Academy Redwings.

Waubonsie Valley putting up runs early

In the top of the first, at bat is Nina Pesare as she starts off the game by hitting a single ground ball towards center field.

Taylor Sconza up at the plate as Hannah Laub throws a ball, however, Pesare sneaks in and steals second base.

It’s 2 and 2 for Sconza, but Laub is able strike her out.

To the bottom of the first, Anna Riggs hits a grounder and she’s able to reach first base on the error.

Up next is Laub who sends her ball flying towards center field. That drives in two runs and the Warriors are lead 2-0.

Waubonsie gets another double, but this time from Lily Elsea as she sends this ball to center and to bring home Laub.

At bat is Lauren Dexter-Thornton as she sends a ground ball towards Angela Horejs who can’t pick it, resulting in Lauren Dexter-Thornton reaching first base.

Warriors lead 4-0 going into the second with Bridget Chapman hitting a fly ball to the outfield. Gia Cobert is there to make the catch and the out.

Two outs in the top of second and Marikate Rotterbusch hits it right to Anna Riggs who throws her out at first to end the inning.

Bottom of the second and this is Cobert ripping this ball through the infield, which is good for a double.

At bat is Anna Riggs who hits a bouncer off Gianna Cunningham and the Redwings are unable to make the play at first.

Benet Academy comes back

Jumping ahead to the top of the fourth with Nina Pesare who hits a line drive into left and she sprints into third for a triple standing up.

Score is 5-2 as Angela Horejs hits a ground ball into the outfield for a single.

With Grace Babich up to bat, Horejs attempts to steal second base, but Anna Riggs tags her out.

Moving forward into the sixth inning, Gianna Horejs lifts this ball into right field to score Babich. That’s an RBI triple and the game is tied at 5.

Moving to the 7th where the Redwings lead by two now, Angela Hirejs hits a double and brings Taylor Conza home. It’s now 8-5.

Mackenzie Ondrejcak hits an inside-the-park home run

However, Mackenzie Ondrejcak crushes this ball into center field with Anna Riggs coming around to score. Benet takes too long getting the ball back into the infield, so Ondrejcak is able to come all the way home for an inside-the-park home run.

Lily Elsea hits a fly ball into the outfield and Nina Pesare makes the catch while avoiding a collision with her teammate. Benet Academy goes on to win 9-7 after a tight contest against Waubonsie Valley.

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