Benet Academy vs St. Rita Football 10.18.19

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Benet Academy traveling all the way up to St. Rita on a chilly fall Friday night. The Redwings sit 6-1 on the year and have all ready clinched a playoff spot while the mustangs are 4-3.

First Quarter

First start for sophomore QB Tommy Ulatowski of St Rita and he’s off to a good start. He calls his own number and the mustangs are up early, 10-0 after an early fieldgoal.

Second Quarter

Still 10-0 with 6 and a half minutes to go until halftime and Benet looking to get on the board. Michael O’Connor drops a beautiful 33 yard pass to Lucas Kosiba, Wings trailing by 4 after the missed PAT.

Who doesn’t look some trickery?? Still in the second quarter and the wings are at it again. Nick Bafia gets the handoff and then heaves a 55 yard pass to Jonathan Martin who is wide open to put Benet in the lead 13-10.

Seconds ticking down in the second, Brian Johnson’s pass is deflected by Tommy O’Malley and then somehow caught by a sliding Marty Garvin for the Benet interception that stops the mustangs from scoring going in to intermission.

Third Quarter

But coming out of the break, the mustangs look for revenge. Sitting on the doorstep, Kaleb Brown barrels his way through, across the line for the mustangs to take the lead once more 17-13.

Fourth Quarter

Beginning of the last quarter and Kaleb Brown is at it again, almost the exact same play to extend Rita’s lead, 23-13.

The Redwings look to cut in to that lead not even a minute later but Michael O’Connor’s pass is intercepted by Michael Milton and the Mustangs are on the offensive move once more.

The Mustangs would add on a few more before the night is over, Tommy Ulatowski hits Kaleb Brown on the slant, helping the mustangs to a home victory over Benet Academy, 37-16.

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