Benet Academy vs Wheaton Warrenville South Volleyball State Championship

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After Benet Academy defeated Marist in the semi finals and Wheaton Warrenville South took down Fremd, they find themselves in the state finals at Illinois State University. The Redwings, who have only lost one game all year look to bring home another trophy after winning third place last year.

First Set

And things start off well for Benet. Colleen McGuire back to the line and she serves up an ace for Benet to take an early lead, 2-0.

The wings serving would be on point early in the first set as a little while later Kiara Zamar gets an ace of her own, wings extend the lead 11-2.

The tigers get something going later in the first set as they throw benet out of system with Zayna Meyer’s ace. WWS trails 12-4.

Here’s some clean volleyball, WWS hanging with benet as they lead by 12, Sarah Burau gets one of her 10 assist on the night at Lizzie Chiesa gets one of 3 kills. Tigers trailing 16-25.

The first set wouldn’t be too much of a battle for Benet. Rachel Muisenga sets up Sophie Gregus who hits in to a tiger block but she does it hard enough for Benet to win the first set 25-12.

Second Set

On to the second set and with it more aces for Benet. Rachel Muisenga steps back to the line and gets the ace. The redwings would have 8 total services aces on the night as they lead 6-3 in set 2.

Benet up 7 later in the second set, the tigers send over an attempt but just check out this defensive save from Kyla Kenney… she gets the one armed dig up for benet to keep the rally going… then off a tiger free ball Ann Marie Remmes tips it over and finds space. Wings up 18-10.

Later in the second set and Kenney just all over this back row… she gets 14 digs on the night and two come from this rally alone… crazy volleyball as Kenney gets the splitting dig right over the net, volley continues… that is until Benet throws up the block part lead by Remmes as Muisenga for the wing point. 21-11.

Match point for the Redwings and Colleen McGuire puts it away with the strong kill that goes right off the arms and in to the stands. Cue the celebration as Benet Academy wins the State championship in two straight sets.

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