Boys Bowling Oswego East vs. Naperville North 11.08.22

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Watch out pins, the boys bowling season has returned as we begin our tour at Fox Bowl. Naperville North comes into the season with many new faces as they get set to take on Oswego East in the first dual of the season. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Game One

Husky Steven Thompson gets the ball rolling in game one with a good bowl that results in a spare.

Up next is Max Alexandrov who wants to make his attempt count and does so with a solid strike after a nice curve at the last second.

Oswego East hits the strike zone

Time for the Wolves to get their bowling on. Rob Viera eyes a strike opportunity and he knew it even before his ball touched the pins. He bowls a 225 in game one and 563 overall.

Game Two

Thompson continues his big roll in the second game with some much needed spares. It’s only one pin but it still counts and helps him to an overall round of 453.

More Thompson’s Bowling

There’s another Thompson on the lanes in David who’s doing what he can to help the Huskies even with a spare.

OE’s Nick Panozzo pay his contributions to the Wolves with a spare of his own. It’s works to perfection and walks away with a score of 555.

Alexandrov continues to do his thing with another strike and leads the dogs with a 596.

Wolves keep on rolling

But the Wolves had a slight better outing. Tyler Meixensperger is the top bowler on the night as he rolls a 620.

Shaun Nano ends the night with a strike that gets him excited. Oswego East cruises to a win over Naperville North.

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