Boys Golf Naperville North vs. Waubonsie Valley 9.23.20

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Scrub those grooves clean and break out your best putting stroke, we’ve got golf at Springbrook between Naperville North Boys Golf and Waubonsie Valley

Naperville North Boys Golf

Let’s start on the first hole, Ethan Kilgore with a near 300 yard drive… and his approach shot? Parks it right next to the cup – not a bad sequences to start a round.

His playing partner, Waubonsie freshman Salil Khanduja from a similar spot… and go figure – he puts it within 10 feet of the hole as well.

Kilgore must be feeling good about this read… and the birdie put? Dunks it in the cup – starts the round 1 under. The rest of the group pars the hole.

Right behind them is the second group, including Leo Oberman, who puts it close and also pars the hole.

Middle Holes

Moving ahead to the third, North’s Logan Hoag with a lengthy attempt – nearly knocks it in. Still on his way to a good day.

Now on the fourth tee box and Khanduja is following up a beauty from Kilgore… and how about that! Hits the ball and both wind up with pars on the hole.

Last three holes

Zipping ahead to the seventh, Hoag lifting off on a tucked away pin location. Just manages to sneak it over the lip and pars the 170 yard hole en route to a 38.

Caiden Atwater also taking aim at the same green and the lefty doesn’t like it off the tee… but the results not half bad! On the dance floor.

AJ Southern in the third group and he’s tracking his ball off the carpet… he’ll like that location.

So will Waubonsie’s Alex Wiley… another southpaw… another ball landing right on the green.

Meanwhile, Southerm has to skate the ball down the slope for birdie – and that does the trick.

Final hole now – Khanduja from the fairway… and he lights up the putting surface with that one. He has a low round of 36 on the day

Kilgore follow it up with a par on the final hole to wind up with a 37, leading North to a 12 shot lead.