Boys Gymnastics Lake Park Conference Championships 05.01.21

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Lake Park is the host of the 2021 Boys Gymnastics Conference meet that is being held over a two day span this season. Naperville North is in attendance competing on Friday night while Naperville Central competes on Saturday. 12 teams total are in attendance with gymnasts competing for good scores and looking to show off some magic on and off the mat.

Floor Exercise

Let’s start on the floor with Naperville Central’s Tim Engman rolling into a stretch then raising his legs with some nice concentration and control. Then Engman performs a front flip giving him a score of 8.35, just outside the top ten.

Naperville North’s Ethan He runs and flips his way on the mat and showing off some solid moves to start. Then he finishes it off with a roundhouse and flip giving him a 8.15.

However it’s Lake Park’s Ryan Czech with the best performance on the night. He eyes the mat and shows off a front flip with a twist in the air landing the top score of 9.20.

Pommel Horse

To the Pommel Horse with Huskie Avi Sharon swinging his legs smoothy while keeping his concentration en route to a score of 7.80, which is good for the 4th best score on the event.

Next up it’s Central Tim Froelich and he has the skills as well. His performance impresses coach Dan Bajek. Froelich scores a 6.85 on the horse. A top ten performance in the event.


Time to show off the upper body strength on the rings and Huskie Avi Sharon waits and then swings three rotations and flips twice before making a nice landing on the ground. The score of the 7.85 is good enough for 7th place.

Fellow Huskie Jack Halama also puts up a good score with a 7.20 on the rings. He shows good control, doesn’t get full rotation on the dismount but a nice performance overall.

The top score in the event comes from Andy Votava from the Wheaton Co-Op. He takes his time on the rings and it pays off landing the top score as he keeps his balance on the landing for a 9.20.


To Naperville Central on the vault with Tim Engman looking focused. Here he comes and we have lift off. Arms up in the air after the front flip for the best Central score of 7 even.

North’s Ethan He also makes some noise on the vault as his attempt adds in a nice back flip and a solid landing. He finishes with an 8.30 score to crack the top seven.

Lake Park’s Martavious Owten holds the second best score on the vault and he really gets up there and has a strong landing. His score is an 8.80.

Parallel Bars

To the Parallel Bars as Mundelein’s Braden Kratz gets the best of that event with a nice move on the dismount on the way to an 8.45.

Horizontal Bar

We finish with the Horizontal Bar as Lancer Karl Vachlin makes his swing attempt count. He makes it look easy getting two rotations on the tuck with just a minor wobble on the landing. Vachlin finishes with a score of 8.70 and the lead all around. Lake Park takes the boys gymnastics conference crown with 146.85 points just ahead of Mundelein and the Wheaton Co-Op.

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