Boys Tennis Metea Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley 04.14.22

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Welcome to the Waubonsie Valley tennis courts, which appear to be located inside a wind turbine on this afternoon. The first DVC matchup for the Warriors against Metea Valley after last week’s rainouts. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Three Doubles

Sailesh Senthilkumar and Mihir Arya from Metea Valley serving in the near court in three doubles and the Mustang duo takes the first set 6-3 thanks to a nice quick return.

I mentioned the wind, Avi Desai from Waubonsie uses it to perfection on this serve as the ball slices across the court and kisses the line for an ace. Desai and Aryan Sharma keeping things close.

A nice volley between the teams late in the second set, which is rare on a day like today with so much wind, but in the end the Mustangs pounce on the lob with a smash to win three doubles 6-3, 6-1.

Two Doubles

Moving over to number two doubles. Jash Kadakia and Pranav Swaminathan from Metea Valley are facing Varad Rasalkar and Pranav Inampudi from Waubonsie Valley.

Some more work from the wind as Kadakia serves in the far court and you see the ball become a changeup in mid-air, leading to an ace thanks to the swing and miss. Not the only time that happened on a day like today.

Rasalkar serving underhand because of the gusts preventing a clean overhead toss. But it works out for the Warriors. Inampudi hustles for the return and Rasalkar smashes home the point.

Metea wins set one in a close one 7-5. The Mustangs looking to close out the second set with a serve from Swaminathan. Kadakia then gets a racquet on the ball and it hangs in the air for a good amount of time. Waubonise can’t keep it in play and Metea wins two doubles as well 7-5, 6-1.

One Doubles

Now the number one doubles teams squaring off. Nikunj Tyagi and Akshay Baid facing Waubonsie’s top pairing of Jackson Jiang and Aiden Lam.

Warriors serving in the opening set. A couple great cross court shots have the Mustangs on their heels as the final return lands just inches wide of the line. WV takes the first set.

Now Metea serving in the near court. Akshay Baid playing at the net as he delivers a smash for the point. The Mustangs force a third set tiebreaker to decide this one.

In set three, Waubonsie tennis serving and this time Tyagi has the quick reaction returns for the point. Metea Valley looking to sweep the top three doubles.

But the Warriors keep fighting, you see more spin from the wind helping this return force an awkward attempt from the Mustangs that goes wide. Waubonsie Valley takes the top doubles victory.

One Singles

However the Warriors with a lot of success in singles on the day. After wins in two and three singles, senior Elliot Dam looks to clinch a team win over Metea’s Aadit Gandhi.

Gandhi starts out strong however with an ace that Dam can’t get a clean shot behind.

The Mustang serving again, this time Dam puts spin on his return near the back line and the wind pushes the ball away enough to secure the point.

Another great return from Dam as he powers a backhand right down the line. The Warrior wins one singles 6-2, 6-1. A singles sweep for Waubonsie boys tennis leads to a 5-2 team victory in a very competitive day of matches.

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