Boys Tennis Neuqua Valley vs. Benet Academy 05.09.22

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Benet Academy boys tennis welcome Neuqua Valley on a very windy afternoon where the Redwings take the team victory. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

A warm and very windy afternoon at the Benet Academy tennis courts as the Redwings welcome Neuqua Valley. Coach Hand and Coach Rose get their teams prepped for the postseason.

Two Singles

The teams play in a college format, which means that almost every player will take part in a doubles and a singles match, with a few exceptions. Divyye Chawra from Neuqua Valley taking on Alex Brown from Benet Academy boys tennis in two singles.

The wind was blowing hard and watch the ball on this return attempt from Alex Brown. It’s like an invisible wall in the middle of the court.

Only one set, first to win eight games takes the victory in this format. Chawra gets the Wildcats started off with an 8-1 win.

Three Doubles

Most of the doubles matches were played first, Aryaman Vala and Anthony Anderson from Neuqua Valley are taking on Zach Bobofchak and Hugh Davis from Benet Academy.

Anderson serving in the near court, the Redwings have a return, but Vala drifts to midcourt and is ready for a quick shot that gets through for a point.

Later in the match, Vala serving in the far court now. Both Davis and Bobofchak play near the net and keep the pressure on with the wind at their backs. Davis finishes the point with a smash.

Bobofchak now serving in the far court, players scrambling all over on this point to keep the ball alive. Some great returns on both sides until Bobofchak takes the lob from Vala and slams it home for a point.

Wind still playing a huge role, Hugh Davis nearly loses the ball on his serve, lunging to make contact with the ball, but he ends up with the ace. The freshman then goes on to re-enact the shot for his partner as Benet takes this one 8-2.

Two Doubles

Tyler Yu and Kai Sun from Neuqua Valley against Benet Academy’s two doubles pair John Yahiro and Patrick Burke.

A good attack from Sun and Yu early on right at the net, ending with a powerful smash that bounces all the way over the fence. Point to the Wildcats.

Another serve from Neuqua. Patrick Burke with a return and then a great shot down the line that stays in bounds. Another win for the Redwings by an 8-2 score. Burke and Yahiro both win their singles matches later in the day as well.

One Singles

Benet freshman Zach Bobofchak back competing in one singles, taking on Neuqua Valley sophomore Johnny Mou.

Mou serving in the near court and using the forehand and the wind at his back for some powerful shots. He gets the point as Bobofchak can’t believe the shot stays inbounds. This matchup goes to a tiebreaker, all tied at seven apiece.

But in the end, it’s Bobofchak who is able to put away the victory as Mou’s return catches the wind and lofts high in the air. The Redwing waits and pounces for the smash to secure the 9-7 win between two of the area’s best.

One Doubles

Another top matchup is Drew Donovan and Noah Bobofchak, Zach’s older brother playing one doubles against Sid Javeri and Jonah Grover from NV.

Javeri serving and Bobofchak shows great patience as the Redwing powers one down the line to earn the point.

Benet serving against that strong wind later in the match. Some fantastic volleys here on this point with all players doing everything they can to make their returns. Javeri with great hustle to track down a lob that gets held up by the wind. Donovan and Bobofchak just hitting it as hard as they can and using the wind to keep the ball in play. The Redwings then charge the net and Javeri lines one past them for a well earned point.

The players flip courts, but we see yet another great volley between these four. Grover was doubles partners with Sid’s older brother, Saahil a year ago so these two developed a team chemistry faster than most. Bobofchak with a nice return, more out of self defense than anything on a shot from Grover. Donovan than battles to keep the ball alive. Bobofchak somehow gets to a Javeri shot that hits the back line. But Jonah Grover uses a quick backhand that skims over the net for another fantastic point.

The Wildcats keep the ball alive, but the wind causes the ball to hang in the air so Donovan can smash it home. The Redwings win this one 8-6 and take the team victory over Neuqua 11-6.

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