Boys Tennis Neuqua Valley vs. Benet Academy 05.17.21

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A different format than we usually see from a boys tennis dual meet as Neuqua Valley travels to St. Scholastica courts to take on Benet Academy. It’s eight game pro-set scoring, with doubles playing first followed by singles.

3 Doubles

We head to number three doubles where Johnny Mou and Andrew Chen from Neuqua take on Bobby Sloyan and Philip Breen from Benet.

Chen serves in the near court and his return is just outside the reach of the Benet racquets. Chen is traditionally the number three singles player for the Wildcats while Mou plays number one singles.

The scoring is essentially first team to win eight games is the victor and you have to win by two or more games. Sloyan and Breen take this game and trail 6-2.

BA serving still, Mou with a return that the Redwings just pop back over the net. Chen then uses the backhand to put things away. Cats win 8-2.

2 Doubles

Number two doubles is a little more familiar with Neuqua’s Saahil Javeri and Jonah Grover facing Bryan Galang and Joseph Dressel from Benet.

Javeri serving here, Dressel returns before Galang pops one over the head of both Wildcats who were up at the net. Well placed as the Redwings take the point.

Dressel serving in the near court, a quick return from Grover is just out of reach for the point.

Dressel serving again, Javeri returns as Dressel goes with a long backhand. But Grover is ready and smashes the point home. Wildcats win two doubles 8-1.

3 Singles

Once doubles is finished, everyone takes a crack at singles play. Andrew Chen of Neuqua Valley and Bryan Galang from Benet square off.

Chen serves and then tries to spin a backhand away from the Redwing, but Galang gets to the ball and sinks it past Chen for the point.

But Chen rolls from there. A strong serve has Galang on his heels and then Chen finishes things off with a nice forehand.

One Doubles

The most exciting doubles matchup of the day is Jack Considine and Tyler Beck from Neuqua Valley against Noah Bobofchak and Drew Donovan from Benet.

Early on Tyler Beck serves and goes back and forth with Bobofchak until a forehand from Beck is too hot to handle.

The Wildcats with an early lead, but no point is easy to come by. Beck and Donovan go back and forth here. Considine steps in for a smash that somehow Bobofchak gets back over the net, but Considine finishes off the point. Redwings down 7 games to 3.

More exciting play as Bobofchak with another quick reaction that gets up over the head of Considine. Redwings now on a roll, down 7-6.

Next game, Donovan with a serve. Beck pops a shot back over but Donovan takes the lob and smashes it home. Just like that we’re tied at 7 games apiece!

Another close matchup for this Wildcat duo, but as they have time and time again, they get the job done when the chips are down. Considine spikes a shot down that closes things out for a 9-7 win. A fun day full of great competition as Neuqua Valley boys tennis takes the team victory.

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