Boys Tennis Sectionals 05.21.22

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Naperville North and Benet Academy each take home sectional plaques in the boys tennis sectionals. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Rainy weather forced the action inside where Naperville North, Metea Valley, and Waubonsie Valley battle for the 2A sectional crown. The Huskies look to carry the momentum from their DVC title.

Third Place Singles

The third place singles match features Aadit Gandhi and Zach Slade. After some close exchanges near the net, Gandhi sends a backhand shot near the back line for the score. He would go on to take the first set 7-6.

In the second set, Slade comes close to the net and drops a soft shot up close that is out of the reach of Gandhi. Slade takes the set 6-3.

After some back and forth play, Slade sends Gandhi reeling to return his shot, and then finishes the matchup with this diving shot and his teammates love it.  He takes third place.

Singles Championship

In the championship match, we have Sullivan Monteith against Elliot Dam.  This serve from Monteith helps him take the first set 6-3.

However, in the second set, Dam got into a rhythm. Here, he gets time to line up his shot and scores with a smash that flies past Monteith. Dam wins the second set 6-3.

In the third set, Monteith returns the favor with a smash of his own. He would go on to win the final set and walk away as the singles champion.

Third Place Doubles

The third place doubles match features Zexin Jiang and Pranav Inampudi of Waubonsie Valley versus George Bender and JT Gialluisi for Glenbard West. This serve by Inampudi gets Waubonsie hyped up and they take the first set.

Later on, the Hilltoppers get into a groove. The Warriors are unable to reach this shot and Glenbard West takes the point.

Waubonsie serving now, the Glenbard West duo handles it, then smashes near the feet of their opponent and earn another point. They go on to win in three sets and claim third place.

Doubles Championship

The championship match saw Dovy Jaskinauskas and Nathan Lee make quick work of Akshay Baid and Nikunj Tyagi. This smash here ends the match as they cruise in two sets and win the doubles championship. Naperville North captures their first sectional crown since 2013.

Now, let’s move on to the 1A Sectional action at Hinsdale South where the Benet Academy Redwings take the court against Glenbard South, Lemont, and Nazareth Academy among others.

Singles Championship

The singles championship saw Ryan Nelson of Nazareth go up against Zach Bobofchak of Benet. This shot from Bobofchak catches the net and Nelson gains a point.

Bobfochak bounces back, though. This strong backhand shot whizzes by the feet of Nelson and the Redwing gets the point. He would go on to win the first set 6-1.

In the second set, we got a rally between the two foes. Bobofchak whips a forehand that Nelson can’t return and the Redwing becomes the singles champion.

Doubles Championship

The doubles championship is all Benet. John Yahiro and Patrick Burke team up against Noah Bobofchak and Andrew Donovan. This smash from Yahiro fails to reach over the net and the opposing Redwings get the point.

Later on, Yahiro would find the right stroke to score this time.  They take the second set after dropping the first one.

In the third and final set, Burke cuts off the return and Bobofchak and Donovan are unable to return it. Burke and Yahiro win the doubles championship, but all the Redwings are winners in the end as they take the 1A sectional championship.

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