DeKalb football opens conference play with a huge win over Metea Valley

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DeKalb football has arrived at Metea Valley High School. The Mustangs are 0-3 on the young season after losing to Andrew last week. DeKalb enters the game coming off a narrow loss to Sandburg. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

DeKalb football jumps out to a quick lead

Early on in the first quarter, Mustang Lucas Van Vlerah throws a complete pass to Dominic Smith for a Metea first down.

DeKalb now with the ball at the 25-yard line, and QB Cole Latimer hands one off to Talen Tate who runs through a crowd of Mustangs to score the first touchdown of the game.

Jumping to the second quarter where the Barbs are in the Red Zone. DeKalb scores again as Latimer throws to Davon Grant on the slant route for a 14-0 lead.

The Mustangs respond back with a touchdown of their own as Hani Omar bounces off the dog pile to get to the end zone for a Metea touchdown.

Amazing special teams from both sides

The Mustangs on the ensuing kickoff come up just a foot or two away from a touchback, but instead the ball falls into the hands of Xavier Dandridge. He cuts up field and heads to the Metea sideline, from there Dandridge shows off his speed. He runs 99 yards for a touchdown. DeKalb’s field goal attempt does gets blocked, and they lead 20-7.

DeKalb now kicking off following the previous return, and this time, Mustang Daniel Pere wants in on the action.  Pere turns on the jets and runs for an 86-yard touchdown. This results in back-to-back kick return touchdowns from both teams. DeKalb still leads the game with a score of 20-14.

DeKalb back with the ball and back inside the RedZone. From the two-yard line, Latimer hands it to Tate who follows his blocks for another score. Dekalb holds a 27-14 lead at half.

Into the third and DeKalb is looking to keep the lead. Tate continues to make good plays for the Barbs and he blows by the defense. DeKalb now leads 34-14.

Barbs defense makes another stop on the Mustangs and here we have Latimer faking the screen pass and finding Davon Grant for a touchdown and now a 41-14 lead.

DeKalb continues to pile on the points

We’re now into the fourth quarter, where DeKalb holds a 48-14 lead. Javonta Schaffer with the ball in the end zone, and he will get taken down in there as well, Mustang Sam Sinzheimer, gets a safety for Metea.

After the safety from The Mustangs, the offense finds themselves close to the goal line and Owen Bickner goes in for a touchdown. However, DeKalb would go on to beat Metea Valley 48-23. Metea Valley will next play away at Waubonsie Valley High School.

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