Girls Basketball Benet Academy vs. Naperville North 02.17.21

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Naperville North girls basketball hosts Benet Academy with both teams entering the non-conference matchup with undefeated records.

An undefeated Naperville North team hosts an undefeated Benet Academy team in a non-conference match.

First Half

We open with 7 to go in the first quarter… getting the ball in the corner and opening up the scoring is North’s Alison Kickel with the three point make

Following suit, taking the space and firing in the 3 pointer is North’s Great Kampschroeder… North up 1 early on, 6-5

Off of the quick restart and fighting for position in the post, Benet’s Morgan Demos pops in the short turnaround for 2… Benet end a run – up 11-6.

Benet not slowing up – passing it around the horn, Redwing shooter Margaret Temple fires off the 3 pointer. Benet now up 9. 17-8 with 2:10 to go in the 1st.

Trying to combat the Benet blitz, Abby Drendel spins around her defender and drives hard to the net. 22-12 BA early in the second.

Time winding down in the half, and right at the buzzer Benet’s Lenee Beaumont fires in the 3 pointer to extend Benet’s lead to 12, 30-18 at the break

Second Half

Not skipping a beat, Benet displays some good passing, with nearly everyone getting a touch before Kendall Moriarty fires in the 3 pointer. BA up 13

Looking to stay in the game, North gets the ball in the paint with a strong pass Kickel who gets North back to within 11.

After a lot of Huskie passing the ball finds Sarah Crossett who fights her way to the net and scores for North. Still down 13 early in the 4th. 39-26 BA 7:29 4th.

Taking the ball almost the entire length of the court is NNs Abby Drendel… but Benet still leads – now by 15.

Mid fourth, time running out — After thinking about shooting the ball, Drendel decides to take it in for the lay up. Huskies still down 11. 46-35 BA 3:49 4th.

Wide open to finish off the game is BAs Margaret Temple who shoots in another 3. Benet overpowers Naperville North girls basketball, winning the game, 51-40.

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