Girls Bowling Metea Valley Regional 02.05.22

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The girls bowling regional is back for the first time in two years. 13 teams competing for the top four spots and a place in next week’s sectional. Naperville North, Naperville Central and the host Metea Valley among the group of hopefuls.

Game Four

After a shaky first couple of games, Metea Valley finds its footing in games three and four. Senior Elizabeth Mansmith doing her part as usual. Her six game score of 1156 puts her in the top ten on the day.

Naperville North senior Alexis Wright putting herself into contention for a sectional spot with a score of 847 as she gets a strike right here.

Back to the Mustangs who show it’s not just about strikes, you need to pick up your spares. Holly Dudlicek does just that, although it’s a little close for comfort.

Another key bowler for the Huskies is Ava Weishaar. This strike helps the sophomore to an 725 six game tally.

Metea Valley senior Michaela Graves just gets the edge of the pin for this spare pick up. The Mustangs into second place as Graves rolls a 963.

Game Five

Let’s move down a few lanes to Naperville Central, who is hanging in the top eight, trying to crack that top four. Sohomore Sydney Hurst with a strike and a six game series of 873.

The top bowler on the day for Naperville North is junior Caitlin Randall. She leads the Huskies with a 894 six game score, and finishes just outside the top 30.

Redhawk senior Jayda Armstrong has improved greatly since she joined the team four years ago. She rolls this strike and ends up with a six game score of 857.

Downers Grove South in first place and trying to hold off Metea Valley, Willowbrook and Addison Trail. Julia Frauendorff and Heather Kowalski leading the way for the Mustangs.

Naperville North does not advance anyone to sectionals but still looking to finish strong is Ellie Connor who picks up the spare for the blue and orange.

Metea Valley senior Jasmine Allen on fire to start her 5th game. Four strikes in a row as Allen puts up a very impressive 1248 six game score.

Game Six

Naperville Central sophomore Teresa Duffrin finishes strong as she rolls a strike in game six en route to a 907 six game score, the second best on the team.

The top Redhawk of the day is Skye Sanford. The junior is moving on to the sectionals for the first time in her career, just the second Central bowler to achieve the feat after a round of 1015.

Metea Valley with two bowlers in the top four to help the Mustangs into a second place finish and move on to sectionals. Jasmine Allen in second overall and senior Sydney Lewis. Lewis takes 4th with a 1223.

Downers Grove South is the girls bowling regional champ, led by individual champ Heather Kowalski. Willowbrook and Addison Trail also move on to next week’s sectional.

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