Girls Tennis Waubonsie Valley vs. Neuqua Valley 9.24.20

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It’s a warm and sunny day at the Neuqua Valley girls tennis courts as they host their rivals Waubonsie Valley at their courts for their final home meet of the season.

Neuqua Valley Girls Tennis

First match of the day is the #1 doubles between Neuqua’s Sofia Ramos and Abby Allen and Waubonsie’s Elena Morton and Rubiah Sami.

Serving first is Sami and after some back and forth action, Ramos meets the ball at the net to split the Warrior defense, giving the Wildcats the point.

Ramos playing strong at the net. After a quick rally she meets the ball at the net once again to return a ball that was too hot to handle for the Warrior duo.

After some decent action, once more, Ramos was at the net to return the ball with force – putting the point away.

Now serving is Allen, who hits a strong serve that Sami can’t handle giving Allen the ace and the point.

Meeting the ball at the net is common event in this match. Sami’s turn doing it with a strong return that the Wildcat duo can’t handle. In the end, however, the Wildcat pairing would prove to much for the Warriors as the Wildcats take it 6-1, 6-1.

#2 Singles

Down the court for the #2 singles match between Neuqua’s Victoria Yin and Waubonsie’s Talya Ertas.

Off of Ertas’s serve, Yin hits a strong shot that the Warrior can’t get to… giving Yin the point.

After some back and forth action between the Warrior and Wildcat, Yin hits a strong backhand shot that goes the opposite direction of Ertas. Yin wins the match by scores of 6-1 6-0.

#1 Singles

Our last match of the day is #1 singles between Neuqua’s Emily Chiou and Waubonsie’s Ana Cuetos.

Starting off the match we have some back and forth action until finally Cuetos hits a strong shot that goes to the left of the court and Chiou can’t get over to it in time.

Much of this match consisting of long rallies, and in this rally it ends with Chiou hitting a strong forehand shot to the opposite side of Cuetos.

Here is a little bit of a shorter rally, which eventually ends with Cuetos hitting a strong shot that catches Chiou off guard, giving the Warrior the point.

Finally, some shorter action here as Chiou returns Cuetos’s serve with a strong shot that just barely stays inbounds. Chiou would win the match 6-1 6-1.

Neuqua comes out victorious in their last home meet of the season by sweeping Waubonsie Valley 7-0.

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