Girls Volleyball Oswego East vs. Waubonsie Valley 08.24.22

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Waubonsie Valley girls volleyball goes up against Oswego East to kick off the season where the Wolves spoil the Warriors’ season opener. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

The fall sports season is finally here and Waubonsie Valley girls volleyball is set to kick off the 2022 campaign with a home matchup against Oswego East. Last year, the Wolves took down the Warriors 2-0 in their season opener.

Set One

In the early going, that’s Asia Mitchell with the diving dig, which is followed up with a kill from Gabby Tlustochowski. Warriors up 10-8 in the first set.

Moments later, Vivian Campbell sets up Megan Maier nicely and she converts on the spike. The Wolves still trail by four, though.

Warriors up 21-19, Sam Miserendino is serving and the Wolves are unable to keep it in play. Waubonsie inching towards a first set victory with a 22-19 lead.

Sarah Fournier now serving, Oswego East tries to work on getting the ball over, but Gabby Tlustochowski is there for the block and the Warriors walk away from the first set with 25-21 win.

Set Two

Early on in the second set, the Wolves set up Megan Maier again and she delivers another powerful kill out of the reach of any Warriors. Oswego East jumps ahead with a 6-2 lead.

With momentum building, Campbell makes a set pass to Cailyn Smiley who spikes it and it just stays inbounds for the point. Wolves up seven.

Now up 13-6, Kaitlyn Reinhard bumps it over to Katie Godo and she finds an open spot on the court for the point. The Warriors narrow the gap to 13-7.

Wolves serving again, Sam Miserenedino gets the dig and the ball works its way to Alex Skurka. Her powerful spike cuts the lead down to just four.

After the Warriors run, Oswego East begins to regain their composure. Once again, they set up Maier for the spike. They win the second set 25-16.

Set Three

The Warriors looking to bounce back. Skurka skies for the kill, but Maier is there for the block and the point. Wolves go up 4-1 in the third set.

Moments later, Katie Godo makes a nice set pass to Tlustochowski and she sends it over for the kill.

WV down 10-5, Maria Palasz goes for the spike, but Vivian Campbell blocks it. Oswego East extends the lead to 11-5.

The Warriors continue to stay within striking distance. Skurka with an opportunity again, but this time she taps it over the heads of the defenders to cut it to four.

Now down 19-13, Godo’s pass is off the mark and Savina Trujillo is there to make Waubonsie pay. The Wolves are up 20-13, just five points away from victory.

With the Warriors facing match point, Kylie Kany’s kill attempt is nullified by a diving Sam Miserendino, but the Wolves recoup and Trujillo finds an open spot. Oswego East spoils Waubonsie Valley’s season opener with the three-set victory.

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