Girls Volleyball Waubonsie Valley vs. Naperville Central 09.20.22

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It’s the DVC opener for Waubonsie Valley and Naperville Central girls volleyball edition. The Redhawks fly in looking start the conference slate 1-0 while the Warriors look for their first win over Central since October 2019. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Set 1

We start in set number one with the Warriors up 4-3 and Naomi Dowd makes 5-3 after a quick kill.

This first set is full of back and forth fun as Central grabs an 11-8 lead. The Red and White reset and their point is awarded with a kill from Makenna Devick. The sophomore makes it 12-8 Central.

16-11 Hawks and the kill fest continues this time with another Sophomore in Georgia Von Lehmden and it’s now 17-11 Central.

Warriors though are not backing down just yet. Trailing 17-14 they lean towards Katie Godo who pulls that sneak attack leaving the opponents in shock and the deficit is cut down to 17-15.

That momentum puts WV on an 11-2 run up 21-18 and it resumes thanks to Alex Skurka. Katie Godo assists to the senior and her hit bounces off Redhawk hands and down for the point.

Set point for Waubonsie up 24-23 but the Redhawks don’t make it easy on them. Don’t worry because here’s Dowd again this time inviting Makenna Devick to her block party. Warriors take set 1 25-23.

Set 2

To the second set and we are not done with Dowd yet. Here she is after the Central send back finding Godo who then gives it back to Dowd and she’ll do the rest for a kill. 3-1 Warriors.

9-6 Waubonsie but the Redhawks still have the juice. It comes from Devick who floats it with two hands and it works to make it a two point deficit.

Later on in the set it’s rally time. Both teams are battling for that crucial point and the green and gold have a plan for it. Guess Who? Yup it’s Dowd with another block. Visitors are up 14-11.

No lead is safe at all. After a Warrior serve it’s Central’s Sophia Zanca with a kill cutting the Warrior lead to 18-17.

Now we are dead locked at 19 with Central on to serve. The Warriors look for a chance with Kaitlyn Reinhard but it’s Von Lehmden again this time with a block. Redhawks snag the 20-19 lead.

NC stays on the correct side of the scoreboard as we hit set point. It’s 24-22 Hawks so the Warriors hope to stay as Reinhard tries for another point but her hit goes to high and Central wins the second set 25-22.

Set 3

Third and final set with the home team up 7-6. Redhawks take their time to send it back but when Waubonsie gets that opportunity it’s Skurka coming to the rescue to tie things up at 7.

12-9 Central and they finally start putting it out of reach. It begins with a Sophia Zanca kill to make the the score 13-9.

Floodgate remains open for the Hawks up 17-10 and they rewarded once again by another Von Lehmden kill who had five on the night.

Match point for the birds up 24-12 and the Warriors can’t send it back over and it results in the Hawks winning a three set thriller.

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