Longtime Friends Celebrate Early Signing Day

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With the addition of the December early signing period that allows several local athletes and longtime friends celebrate their college decisions all together. Find out more in this feature presented by Edward Medical Group.

“We didn’t think it be everyone which is great but at a young age like Trey Kaden, Bobby and all those we’re great Zeke was great we knew that we head something special going on when we were playing together and I think it’s great to see us all come this far now.”

In past seasons, you’ve seen Reggie Fleurima, Zeke Williams, and Tyson Amoo-Mensah succeed, whether it was finding the end zone, sinking buckets, or even scoring goals. On December 15th, 2021, those three along with other early signees came together to celebrate their special early signing day in style. Athletes from across the country, including many from our local schools, view signing day as the culmination of a successful high school career and the promise of a bright future at the next level as they put pen to paper.

From a group of kids on the block competing for the Illinois Speed growing up, to now each athlete taking their talent to the next level. That friendship developed in AAU basketball on and off the court, lead to exciting futures.

“We were always playing together we went to the same elementary school and then Tyson ended up joining, Kaden ended up joining, Max, everyone just started slowly joining and then by the time sixth grade came around we were all one collective team. We just kinda met each other during AAU basketball and it’s kinda been up from there you know stayed in touch with each other even though we went to different schools it was just easy too stay in touch with each other and you know the connection is still there since sixth or seventh grade”

While some of these performers haven’t seen one another in a while, getting this group organized to sign their way to the collegiate stage was the perfect approach for their next chapters. The event was full of eating, laughing, fun and games and friends and family. A memorable night for Reggie, future NIU Huskie Zeke, Tyson, along with Trey Pettigrew, Kaden Cobb, Max Reese, Bobby Durkin, and Kolby Giles.

“It’s nice to see everyone come together I saw this happening down the road and now it’s just here so it’s crazy it’s surreal. We all knew how special this group was and so all individually we’re all special. I’m just so glad we’re able to live our dreams and do it together right now.”

As a majority of these players get set to compete on either the gridiron, or the basketball court, Tyson contending on the soccer pitch at DePaul, shows that everyone in this group has a special level of talent.

“That just shows like how talented we were but also like how you’re path isn’t always one thing as to when you’re young like I chose soccer later but I think that we’re all doing great” “everyone in this room right now is my best friend I think that as a child we just we’re so close and even now like just seeing each other grows as a person seeing how much improvement we’ve made as men it’s a great feeling”

Reggie and some of the other signees are graduating early and heading to their perspective schools to get a head start on next season as the former Redhawk will be rocking the Northwestern Purple in the fall of 2022. In the meantime, the rest are still competing in their respective seasons or will be graduating this spring. Now that the next chapter has arrived it will be fascinating to see what the following four years will bring for these special athletes.

For Naperville Sports Weekly, I’m Patrick Codo.