Metea Valley boys basketball gets past Naperville North for a DVC win

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Metea Valley plays host to a Friday night DVC basketball match against Naperville North. The Huskies won by two points the last time these teams met in January. The playoff bracket has already been released, with Metea Valley as the seventh seed in the East Aurora Sectional, and North the 12 seed. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

James Parker and Metea Valley get out to a four-point lead

After a scoreless two and a half minutes, visiting Huskies get the match kickstarted, senior Bryce Welch steps up and gets the layup, assisted by Jack Kallstrand. NN is up 2-0

Metea Valley responds, senior guard James Parker sinks the mid-range jumper, were all tied at two.

The offensive tug-o-war continues, this time North’s Cole Arl swishes the three, and they’re up 5-2.

Still in the first, Mustangs charge on. James Parker on the inbound, finds Will Ashford and gets Tre Watkins involved for the three. Metea’s ahead 7-5.

A few minutes later, Arl drives and passes to Welch, but Alex Danehl of Metea denies it out of bounds.

With nearly two minutes left, the North trifecta of Sam Johnson, Arl, and Welch get a bucket as they are up by one.

Wrapping up the first, James Parker gets the steal off Arl, and Parker lands the deuce. Metea’s up 12-8.

Naperville North keeps responding and only trails by one at half

The Mustangs go around the horn with Parker, Jake Nosek, and Danehl before Ashford puts one home. Metea’s up by one.

We see Parker again, this time with the give-and-go to Ashford. The Mustangs lead North, 16-13.

With one minute remaining in the half, Huskie senior Ben Victor assists Arl’s basket. Norths down by one.

Under 40 seconds remaining in the lively first half. Arl deflects Parker’s pass attempt, and Welch secures it to get the jam. North’s up by one.

Parker and Tre Watkins are on the offensive, and Parker gets his rebound plus the bucket at the end of the half. Metea’s up 18-17.

Metea Valley closes out a close one for a fifth DVC win

Metea’s defense puts the pressure on North. Jake Nosek gets the steal and sails it to Alex Danehl who succeeds with the layup. Metea is up by six.

Huskies strike back, as Grant Montanari finds Kallstrand who drives it home, and Huskies trail by 2. 

In the third, North comes up with some great ball movement, which allows Welch to drive in the paint for a layup. They still trail by six.

A minute and a half into the third, Arl steps right up for the three, to make it 36-28 Metea.

Mustang Nosek misses the shot, Watkins rebounds, and assists Smith. The end of the third sees Metea up by eight.

Into the fourth. Mustang Smith finds Nosek, and Danehl closes the possession with the solid three. MV is up by nine.

North’s Montanari and Byce Welch put in a last-ditch effort and got the bucket as time ran out. Metea Valley basketball gets the 53-48 DVC win and James Parker scores twenty points.

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