Metea Valley runs away from Plainfield South in the girls soccer regional semifinal

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The postseason has arrived for girls soccer as Metea Valley holds the two seed and hopes to start the new season with a win and advance against 15-seeded Plainfield South. The Cougars come in losing their last three out of five games but did pick up 4-1 over Romeoville to end the regular season. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Metea Valley is on the attack early, with Cyndie Bayless finding Lucy Burk, but she can’t get it to go. Plainfield South tries to clear until Emma Strcic seizes another opportunity, but her kick sails wide.

Bayless tries setting up another one, but her cross-kick finds the hands of Cougar goalie Hannah Folliard.

Isabelle Leofanti plus Lily Senese equals goals for the Mustangs

The Mustangs won’t be denied for long. Isabelle Leofanti dribbles puts on the moves and strikes the left corner to put Metea up 1-0.

On the next attack, Leofanti finds teammate Lily Senese in front of the net, and she goes top shelf for a 2-0 lead.

Another Senese goal makes it 3-0, and then Kyliegh Jannisch finds Senese who runs into your frame and uses he right foot to tap it in as the Mustangs on a run.

The Cougars need something to go their way, but Olivia Hernandez steals the ball and strikes the net from outside the box, and it’s a goal for Hernandez. A strong first half has the Mustangs up 5-0 at the break.

The Cougars get a free kick early in the second half but the Mustangs remain the same with Jessica Terada heading it away and then Senese also steps up on defense by clearing the zone for safety.

More goals help Metea Valley move on in the regional

On the other end, Leofanti has the ball but crosses it perfectly to Lucy Burk, who can head it in for another Mustang goal.

Chloe Stables gets involved and her kick goes to Senese who makes an unbelievable diving header for her fourth goal of the game. Metea Valley is alive to play another day with a 7-0 win, and has a Saturday morning regional final clash with DVC rival Naperville Central up next.

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