Naperville Central boys bowling breaks multiple records against Naperville North

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The first of two crosstown matches between Naperville North and Naperville Central boys bowling teams takes place at Fox Bowl.  The Redhawks are looking to grab their fifth consecutive win over the Huskies in match play and get to 6-1 on the season. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Redhawks get contributions from everyone

We start things off as Nathan Taverna gets things going with a strike dead center in the pocket as pins fly every which way.  Taverna finishes the first two games with consecutive 258 scores.

Spencer Pierpoint has been looking strong on varsity, as this strike explodes the pins out of view.  It would be a part of his 209 game two score.

Getting the nod to varsity this week is Brandon Blitek.  The freshman makes his presence felt as this shot does enough to knock over the four-pin.  He ends game one with a score of 182.

Aidan Lee would be a vital asset in today’s matchup, his shot hits the pocket and trips over the nine-pin to give Lee another strike.  He ends the day with a 661 overall series.

Rising to the challenge, however, is Josh Newcom. The Sophomore is able to drill this shot home guiding himself to a 256 game.  He finishes the match with a personal best 640 series.

Naperville Central bowling breaks records

On the same lane is Tommy Kradenpoth who would provide most of the team’s fireworks in the match.  This shot does enough to knock over the pins as Kradenpoth would start game two with 11 in a row.

He would line up to attempt his first sanctioned 300 game, but the shot goes just wide leaving up 3 pins.  Kradenpoth gets some love from his crosstown rivals and his 297 game is the third highest in district 203 history as Central finishes game two with a new school record 1,225 series.

Naperville North fights to crawl back

Let’s go check in Huskies.  Stephen Thompson has corner pin swag on this strike as it guides him to a 220 game and a 568 series.

On the same pair is Holden Randall who also cleans the pins out of view for a strike.  Randall finishes the day with a team-best 628 series.

Getting the sub in on varsity is Johnny Hodges who also wipes the pins clean off the map.  Hodges contributes to the Huskies with a game 3 score of 187.

Ian Rogers also contributes to North’s efforts as his shot sends the four-pin timbering down like a tree for a strike.  Rogers finishes the day with a 452 series.

Max Alexandrov would get things going as well, as his ball bruises the pins for another strike on the day.  Alexandrov finishes game two with a team-high 226 game.

Andy Sullivan is our final bowler, and he does a solid job on the roll, picking up the strike.  He would finish the game with a 192, but it was not enough to stop the Redhawks who win the match with school and district 203 record of a 3382 three-game series as they move into the top 10 rankings at 6-1.

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