Naperville Central girls tennis wins on senior night over Metea Valley

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It’s senior night for Naperville Central girls tennis, as they take host to Metea Valley in a DVC matchup. The DVC tournament kicks off in just one week, as both teams look to prepare for postseason action. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Amy Yang gets the win in Three Singles

We’ll start off in three singles, where Redhawk sophomore Amy Yang Receives the serve from Mustang Shreekruthi Charagondola. Yang backhands her shot into the corner for the point. She takes the first set, 6-0.

Into the second set now, and Charagondola hits one back over to Yang. The Mustang then returns Yang’s shot into the corner for the point and she wins a game in the second set.

Yang, however, is looking to close things out with set two sitting at 5-3 for the Redhawk. The two exchange rallys with one another before we see Yang come up with a great shot that has some major spin. She takes the point and match victory.

Naperville Central girls tennis sweeps singles

We move courts now with the two singles matchup, as Metea’s Harsha Gangasani gets the serve in. Redhawk Claire Cameron makes quick work for this point, as her return is perfect. Cameron takes set one, 6-2.

Gangasani serves it in again, and this time, Cameron’s heat-sinking return finds the net and the Mustang picks up a point.

Cameron’s turn to serve it in and it’s a good one, as she gets her opponent to jump out to the right. That allows Cameron’s next shot to be an easy one, as the left side of the court is wide open. She wins set two, 6-2.

Seniors get wins in doubles play

To the four-doubles match we go, where Mustangs Ashwina Sharma and Shre Nibhanupudi take on Sahasra Kosuri and Megan Moreno. We see a long rally between the two sides, but right as the Redhawks crowd the net, the Mustangs take advantage of it. They drop the ball behind Central and pick up a point.

The Redhawks looking to close out set one here and Moreno’s return is on the money. Naperville Central take set one, 7-5.

Set two, is all Redhawks, and Kosuri, the senior, is able to hit one low that catches the Mustangs off guard.

Let’s wrap up the action with the one-doubles matchup, as Naperville Central’s Kira Yang and Ami Patel go against Sophia Cahue and Sarina Saleem of Metea. Patel serves it over and the Mustangs get it back to her. Cahue tries to go through the middle, but Yang is there to deny it and get a point.

Now into the second set, the Mustangs are looking to fight back. Saleem is in front of the net and she knocks one down for the point.

The Redhawks however, have remained in control throughout this match and this Patel serve helps them win in straight sets, by a score of 6-3, 6-1.

Naperville Central girls tennis dominates on Senior night, winning the match with a final score of 6-1.

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