Naperville Central girls volleyball fends off Naperville North in three sets

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The Crosstown Classic hits the hardwood for a matchup between Naperville Central girls volleyball and Naperville North. The hosting Redhawks come off a two set victory over Neuqua Valley, while the Huskies enter after a three-set loss to St. Charles North. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville Central in control during set one

Central would get things rolling in the first set as Jackie Schmid takes the quick set from Sarah Butler and drills it into the center of Huskies territory to tie it up at 1. 

On this one, Butler passes it to Georgia Von Lehmden who lays it into the Huskies side to give the Redhawks a 5-2 lead. 

The Huskies would try to go on the attack but the quick attempt is blocked by Schmid as it bounces back into Huskies territory to extend the Redhawk lead 7-2. 

The defense would continue this in the first set. North trying to get another quick attempt off but its blocked again, this time by Sophia Zanca as Central extends the lead 9-3.

The Butler-Von Lehmden connection would still go strong early on.  Following a dig from Cece Morgan, Butler passes it to Von Lehmden who blasts it down again to give Central a commanding 18-13 lead. 

Zanca would also join in on the fun, here another short pass from Butler and an easy strike by Zanca makes it 23-17 Redhawks. 

Central would clinch the first set two plays later.  North would make a successful dig but they can’t get it back over the net to give the Redhawks a 25-17 set win. 

Huskies fight back in set two

In the second set, tied at two, Sydney Kushner catches the Redhawks off guard on this serve with an ace.

The Huskie defense making some plays now, as Cate Thompson blocks an attempted kill to put the Huskies up 6-3. 

Thompson would go on the offensive two plays later, as North keeps it alive, and Thompson tips the quick pass over the net to put the Huskies up 7-4. 

North is now up by just one and Alyse Hoffman passes it to Liz Rossi who delivers the kill to put the Huskies up 19-17. 

Leah Norris would join in on the second set action, as she takes the set from Hoffman and crushes it down to make it 22-17 Huskies. 

North would clinch the set two victory four plays later, as the Central kill attempt goes out of bounds to give the Huskies a 25-18 win over the Redhawks and force a third set.

Back and forth third set

North is up 3-0 early in the set, as the ball is contested on both sides of the net before Rossi delivers it where no one can get it in time as the Huskies go up 4-0. 

Central, however, refuses to give up.  The very next play following a timeout Devick’s shot is tipped by Huskie blockers before hitting the ground to put the score at 4-1.

Now down by two, the ball is set up to Von Lehmden who drills it off the hands of a North defender and in, as the Redhawks trail 6-5. 

Central would claim the lead as the Butler-Devick connection is going once again and Devick pounds the kill into Huskie territory to give the Redhawks an 8-7 lead. 

Now tied at 8, the ball finds Butler who lays it up to Zanca as she drills it down to put the Redhawks up 9-8.

North down by one, and they go for the attack but the kill is blocked again by Schmid giving Central a close 13-11 lead in the set. 

North’s defense would remember that, a few plays later Devick goes in for another kill but this time it’s blocked by Rossi and bounces back to the Redhawk floor as the Huskies tie it up at 13. 

North up 18-15 but it isn’t strong enough to keep the Butler-Von Lehmden connection in check, as Von Lehmden strikes it down again to put the Redhawks down by two.

Redhawks win a close match

The very next play Von Lehmden comes up with the block and the Redhawks trail by one.

The Redhawks are up 22-21 and Butler sets it up to Zanca for the kill and Central is close to the win

Butlers assistance would pay off two plays later as she tosses it up to Devick who comes up with the dagger, as her kill gives Naperville Central girls volleyball a 25-21 set three victory,  giving them the match victory, two sets to one. 

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