Naperville Central vs Naperville North Girls Volleyball 9.26.19

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Naperville Central Redhawks taking the quick flight over to Naperville North – Central entering the match 18-2, while the Huskies are 11-5, looking to upset their rivals.

First set, Central leads 7-6… North on the attack – Anna Jaworski sets up Rachel Rahtz, and she ties up the set.

Central up 15-11 now, North combatting the top team in conference though with a strong dose of Rahtz – 15-12

Using that momentum, North now leads 24-20, trying to close out a first set win. Redhawk hitter Madeline Bylak smokes a kill attempt, but the Huskies recover! After the ball comes back down to earth, North sends a free ball over. So can the Redhawks stave off the loss… NO! North with the block and takes the first, 25-20.

Second set now, Naperville Central hoping to avoid it’s third loss of the season – that helps. Kayla Closset’s kill opens up the scoring.

Moments later, teammate Bylak rises and fires… Central leads 9-6 in the second set.

Redhawk advantage sits at 19-10 and North looking to turn the tide again. The middle strike from Ellie Hall is good – now 19-11 Central.

But it’s set point – Central up 24-16… North unable to do much with the scoring chance, punching it over. Redhawks don’t miss their shot – Closset ends the second with the kill.

Already leading 8-4 in the third, Central’s Caroline Hughes gets the ace thanks to the pinball.

Can Naperville North recapture its first set magic down 23-15? The ace giving the Huskies hope.

But Central squashes the comeback bid… as North’s attack chance is blocked, goes down the net and lands in play. Redhawks win it in three sets.