Naperville Central’s Thomas Egan wins the 2024 Metea Valley Diving Sectional

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Let’s dive in for Boys Diving Sectionals at Metea Valley High School, after some of our local divers competed at DVC two weeks ago, including Naperville Central’s Thomas Egan who took home first place. At last year’s sectional’s Oswego Co-op’s Tony Hintz took first while Egan finished second. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Waubonsie Valley and Neuqua Valley divers open the meet

The meet kicks off with Neuqua Valley’s Jack Stevens performing the reverse one somersault tuck. Stevens goes on to finish the day with a score of 235.45

On the board is Waubonsie Valley’s Aidan Dilallo performing the back dive straight. Dilallo finishes inside the top 3 at Sectionals with a score of 423.90.

Waubonsie Valley’s Brad Gabrielse is up and he performs a back somersault one-half twist. Gabrielse’s score of 320.55 gets him in the top five.

Later on, Naperville North’s Luca Pantel performs a back one somersault with a one and one-half twist. Pantel’s performance earns him a five straight and an overall score of 302.00.

Going to Central’s side, Tim Engman performs a forward 2 somersault pike. Engman would finish the day with a score of 375.30.

The Redhawks keep on flying as Thomas Egan performs the forward one and one half somersault pike. This dive from Egan earns him a 35.

Naperville Central’s Thomas Egan takes down last year’s Sectional Champion

From the Oswego Co-op is Tony Hintz, performing the back dive pike. Hintz scores a 40 on the dive and second overall with a score of 451.85.

Naperville Central’s Thomas Egan performs the inward dive pike to close off the day. This dive earns him a 37 in route to the top spot with an overall score of 467.20. Egan automatically qualifies for state, along with Tony Hintz and Aidan Dilallo.

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