Naperville North girls water polo wins DVC title after beating Waubonsie

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After defeating York in a thrilling overtime match, Naperville North girls water polo is back in the pool as they visit DVC rival Waubonsie Valley. With a win, the Huskies will clinch the regular season DVC title. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville North water polo continues a strong performance in the second half

Following a 9-2 first half, Naperville North continues to push the pace. After a few passes, the ball settles in Kelsey Wessel’s hands and sends it right through the defenders’ arms. With that, the Huskies have amassed an 11-2 lead with five minutes left in the third.

Calin Ball and Waubonsie Valley get the game close

Moments later, Calin Ball surveys her options before launching a perfect pass to Ruby Meier near the net. Meier wrestles her way forward and scores the goal with the defense draped all over her. That one cuts the lead to 12-4 with three minutes to play in the third.

Now with under two minutes left, North is back in possession. Cate Czochra is able to get past her defender, tosses it over to Payton Schrier and she slams it into the back of the net. The Huskies are now up 13-4 as the fourth quarter approaches.

With less than a minute left in the game, the Warriors have a bit of momentum. Ruby Meier connects with Calin Ball near the net and she sends a missile past the goalkeeper. Waubonsie Valley closes the gap 14-9, but with just 40 seconds left to play.

Naperville North girls water polo wins DVC title

Just seconds later, North is back on offense. Ella Grace gets an opportunity in the middle and she tacks another goal on the board. North wins 16-9 as they go on to defeat Waubonsie Valley, clinching the regular season DVC title in the process.

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