Naperville North vs Naperville Central Boys Basketball 12.13.19

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It’s a crosstown classic game at Naperville Central as North looks for their first conference win and Naperville Central looks for their first W against North since 2015.

First Half

Low scoring game in the first quarter, that is until Cam Dougherty, wide open gets the pass and doesn’t hesitate, redhawks lead 3-1.

Central now up 7-3 in the second quarter, three balls seem to be the theme as Myles Barry open, rainbows in the triple to cut the redhawk lead to one, 7-6.

Following possession and central bringing the action to the hoop as Chris Conway sees his move and slams the ball home, central up 9-6.

North handing around though, still in the second Grant Johnson gets the ball and works his way to the basket for the hoop and the harm, tying the game up at 11.

Central once more in the lead by 3, make that 5 after Conway using his 6’10 frame to get the lay in, at the break the redhawks lead 21-13.

Second Half

Opening up the third quarter and Conway isn’t slowing down, he gets another lay in to extend the redhawks lead 25-13.

Centrals defense also working hard in this game, Kyle Baskin getting the steal and running the court before laying in the basket. 27-15 now.

North not going down easy. Grant Johnson with another triple at the top of the key. 10 points on the night for the junior.

The redhawks doing a good job of moving the ball, this time it falls to Baskin who hits another three pointer, 36-20.

In to the fourth quarter and central trying to run away. Conway is loose and gets another throw down, 21 points on the night for Conway as Central leads 40-25.

The huskies still fighting though. Myles Barry still working behind the arc, gets another triple with five minutes left in the game as they trail 40-28.

Central is just too much though. After a missed free throw, they get the rebound and another basket as they go on to defeat north for the first time since 2015 53-33.

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