Girls Gymnastics Naperville North vs. Neuqua Valley 02.04.21

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Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a long time but we are finally back… with some sanitizer, masks, and wipes of course… but none the less, the Naperville North huskies traveled to Neuqua Valley girls gymnastics to face off against the Wildcats in the first meet of the season.

Neuqua Valley Girls Gymnastics on Vault

We begin with the wildcats on vault as Cara goes full speed down the run way. She performs a full twist off the apparatus which earns her an 8.55 score.

Naperville North on Floor

Huskie Evie Glazer over the floor performs her first pass of a front walkover full. A little later, she goes back with a round off back handspring layout… with great height! Evie grabs a 7.75 score.

Back with the wildcats, also on floor as Anna’s pass of an arabian, round off, back handspring layout helps her to an 8.4 score.


Huskie Katie Krystle up on the beam, performing a back walkover back handspring without flinching. For the dismount, a back handspring tuck. She grabs an 8.35 score. Elbow bumps all around for the Huskie


We stick with the huskies and move over to the bars with Dana Blakey. She starts on the low bar until she works her way to the high. Charging up for the dismount before she turns inward for a forward facing tuck. 7.4 score for Blakey.

We finish the night with Amelia Wachtel from Neuqua Valley. Her bars routine helped earn her all-around gymnast of the night with a 33.7 which helped the Wildcats just nearly defeat the huskies 127.6 to 126.3.

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