Neuqua and Waubonsie Boys Swimming Make History

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Neuqua and Waubonsie Boys Swimming both had historic finishes at the IHSA state meet and Kevin Jackman has the story.

The last time Waubonsie Valley made it into the top three at state in boys swimming? 1997. But first year head coach Chris Hagenbaumer was ready to turn back the clock to the 90s

Chris Hagenbaumer: The first day I told them, I said, I want to put up banners, I want to put things on the walls and I want this to be memorable. I think we helped make that happen.

In placing third, the Warriors finally claimed that big trophy they’ve been hunting for, for 22 years. And it began the day the new coach stepped on deck.

Chris Hagenbaumer: My first day we walked out on deck and it was more of an interview – it was, what are you going to do, how are we going to get better, what is your training regimen, what are you going to do for us.

And what he did is reshape the way the Warriors attacked practice, never running the same workout twice.

And while Waubonsie finished third, Neuqua surged to second…

Chad Allen: For us to be second and third, just as a district and the rivalry and great friendships… couldn’t have ended up any better for both schools.

Head Coach Chad Allen’s group hadn’t scored a state trophy since 2010… not as dramatic as Waubonsie’s dry spell… but a wait, nevertheless

Chad Allen: When you win some state trophies you think it’s easy and then all of a sudden you realize how hard it is. And not winning a trophy since 2010 you know, it’s something we always wanted to get back to as a program.

For senior Jack Hiss and his teammates… to surge from 4th place to 2nd on the strength of a first place finish in the final race (the 400 free relay) was a perfect way to cap their high school careers.

Jack Hiss: You guys posted a video of us at the end and I just like grabbed Tanner and Jimmy and hugged em and then I went and grabbed Boyle and I slapped him up and then Waubonsie was right next to us and came in second and that’s super cool because were all friends and it was just a super cool experience.

A cool experience and a great year for district 204.