Neuqua Valley badminton dominates in a 13-2 Senior Night victory over Metea Valley

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The Neuqua Valley badminton team cruises to a 13-2 win over DVC opponent Metea Valley Mustangs on Senior Night. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

It is senior night at Neuqua Valley High School. The Wildcats are going up against the Metea Valley Mustangs for a badminton matchup.

Aarushi Choudhary and Wanhan Sun take sets one and two

Starting off one doubles as Neuqua Valley’s Aarushi Choudhary and Wanhan Sun going up against Metea Valley’s Anjana Viswanathan and Sri Battula.

Choudhary serves off the first set as Metea Valley smashes the birdie towards Sun, but she sends her shot near the back line to give them the point.

Viswanathan and Battula look to get a point of their own and they do so on a nice forehand shot.

However, Choudhary and Sun have an answer as they score the final point to take the first set 24-22. They would go on to take set two as well.

Yilin Liu and Cynthia Zhang come back to win second and third sets

We go to two doubles as Devangi Kolli and Riya Alwala of Metea go up against Neuqua’s Yilin Liu and Cynthia Zhang.

We skip to late in the first set where Kolli and Alwala end up taking it 21-19. However, in the second, Liu and Zhang secure a point and end up winning both sets two and three.

Sun secures yet another victory

We start singles starting with number two singles as Sri Battula goes up against Wanhan Sun.

The matchup in the first set begins with a nice back-and-forth until Sun fires the birdie near the back line to get the point.

But Battula has response as she’s able to score a point as well.

Both Battula and Sun continue to hit back and forth shots with Battula scoring the next point. Despite her best efforts, Sun wins both sets.

Vajworarat cruises to two-set sweep

Finally, we have one singles as Anjana Viswanathan faces Kanyanat Vajworarat.

Both players exchange in a nice rally and eventually it’s Viswanathan who scores the point.

Later on, Viswanathan and Vajworarat send high shots towards one another. Then Viswanathan nearly does the splits on this return and Vajworarat smashes it down to secure the point. The Wildcat wins the first set 21-10.

In the second set, Viswanathan sends the birdie under the net, resulting in Vajworarat scoring the point and winning the set 21-3. Neuqua Valley badminton takes home the win.

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