Neuqua Valley badminton finishes undefeated DVC season with victory over Waubonsie Valley

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As Waubonsie Valley badminton hosted Neuqua Valley on Senior Night, the action on the courts was hot enough to set off the fire alarm! The Wildcats look to finish off an undefeated DVC regular season against the rival Warriors. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley gets a challenge from Waubonsie singles players

Starting in singles with the number two spot as freshman Luna Han from Neuqua Valley faces Harshita Baskaran from Waubonsie.

Han serves in the far court and a healthy volley goes back and forth. Baskaran goes to the backhand for a long distance return. Han waits and pops it up near the net but the Warrior pounces and smashes it right into her opponent. Everyone’s ok as the point goes to Baskaran.

On the very next point, Han shows off the touch as she plays near the net and drops her return right in the corner out of the reach of Baskaran.

In the second set, Baskaran tries to use power for her return but Han rockets one back and it lands in play near the back corner. The Wildcat takes the win in straight sets 21-2, 21-7.

Two of the top singles players in the state square off at one singles with Hannah George from Neuqua Valley facing Waubonsie Valley sophomore Tisha Dubey.

In the opening set there is a volley back and forth off the Dubey serve. The Warrior flicks a backhand return perfectly over the net for a point as the birdie evades George.

Later in the set, George puts her opponent to work, using a wide range of shots. She is able to earn the point on her final drop shot that falls to the floor. It’s a good battle, but the Wildcat takes the two-set victory 21-12, 21-10.

Neuqua continues to dominate in doubles

Moving over to number one doubles where Waubonsie Valley senior Norah George and Harshita Baskaran team up against Luna Han and Kanyanat Vajworarat from Neuqua.

The Warriors serve in the first set but the Cats are ready to pounce. Vajworarat fires a laser for the point as Neuqua takes an early lead.

Later in the set, Han and George volley back in forth until Baskaran steps in for the smash and the point for the green and gold.

The Warriors look to string some points together. Still in the first set as this time Norah George gets the point with a smash over the net.

Neuqua Valley is just too strong as the Wildcat duo has an answer for every return. Luna Han smashes home another winner as Neuqua takes the two-set victory.

At two doubles Neuqua Valley turns to Saniya Joseph and Yilin Liu against Alexis Ahlert and Anna Buchenauer from Waubonsie Valley.

Neuqua Valley jumps out to a fast start as Saniya Joseph fires home a point on a line drive return.

Later in the set, Ahlert gets a return near the back line. Buchenauer pushes one towards the back line and it just barely stays inbounds as the Warriors share a smile.

In the second set we see a good volley going back and forth. Buchenauer is forced to a backhand lob just to get it back over the net, that allows Liu to load up for the smash. Another two set win for Neuqua 21-14, 21-12.

The Wildcats finish the DVC regular season undefeated

Finishing things up at three doubles where Neuqua Valley looks for a clean sweep across the board. Hannah George and Amber Shi stepping in for the Wildcats against Tisha Dubey and Chrissy Manikyarao from Waubonsie who get some words of wisdom from their teammates.

Just a fantastic volley in the opening set with all four players getting involved and moving around the court. Line drives go back and forth until Dubey lines one across for a point.

Waubonsie serving late in the first set. Shi and Maikyarao go back and forth until George powers a return into the back corner that lands in play to help the Wildcats win set one.

Another good volley as the Warriors are making the Cats work hard for each point as Shi and Dubey send strong volleys back and forth. Once again Hannah George finishes things off. It’s an identical score as two doubles at 21-14, 21-12 as Neuqua Valley completes the 15-0 sweep to remain perfect in conference play heading into the DVC tournament next weekend.

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