Neuqua Valley badminton rolls to home victory over Naperville Central

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Badminton is in action at Neuqua Valley as the Wildcats host a DVC matchup against the visiting Redhawks of Naperville Central. Both teams are coming off of victories to begin the DVC schedule earlier in the week. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley starts strong in doubles play

Starting with number one doubles is Neuqua Valley freshman Luna Han and junior Kanyanat Vajworarat and Naperville Central’s Zoey Tian and Megan Moreno. Both teams come out swinging with back and forth returns in rapid fire fashion but it is Han who gets the point with the backhand drop shot. The Wildcats come out on top in both rounds 21-14 and 21-9.

Going to number two doubles is Hannah Chu and Nicole Liang from Naperville Central against Amber Shi and Yilin Liu from Neuqua. The Wildcats go for the point by hitting the birdie over Chu’s head to score.

The Redhawks dig in to earn points of their own. Liang with the serve and this time Chu gets to the birdie and flicks the backhand right on the line for the point.

In the end, The Wildcats duo is able to overpower their opponents, winning both sets 21-9 and 21-12 as Neuqua earns a sweep in doubles.

The Wildcats show strength in singles as well

We move to one singles with Wildcat junior Hannah George and Redhawk Zoey Tian. George wins the first set comfortably but Tian is giving the state runner up all she can handle in the second set. A strong smash just stays in bounds to give the Redhawk the point.

Both players come out strong with back and forth returns, however it is Hannah George who sends the birdie flying to come away with the victory. George would go on to win both sets 21-9 and 21-15.

Wrapping things up at number two singles is Redhawk Megan Moreno facing Wildcat newcomer Luna Han. Both players went back and forth with the birdie until Han fires the birdie to Moreno but it deflects off her racquet.

At the end of the day Han seizes control and delivers the final point winning both sets in impressive fashion. Neuqua Valley badminton comes out swinging with a team score of 15-0 over Naperville Central.

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