Neuqua Valley badminton wins ninth straight IHSA Sectional title

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Neuqua Valley badminton hosts another IHSA Sectional, as the Wildcats are coming off a second-place finish at last year’s State meet. They welcome six schools as everyone looks to compete for a trip to state and win the sectional plaque. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Both doubles teams for Neuqua Valley badminton advance to the Sectional final

We start with our first doubles semi-final between Wildcats Luna Han and Kanyanat Vajworarat, against Amber Wojciak and Nathaniah Johnson from Andrew. Vajworarat gets off to a good start by smacking her birdie between the Andrew players for a point.

A rally ensues between Han and Andrew. Han delivers a blow right past Johnson for a Wildcat point.

This match is a quick one as it goes to two sets and Vajworarat delivers the final point. The Wildcats go on to win in straight sets, 21-2, 21-4.

To Neuqua’s two doubles with Saniya Joseph and Yilin Liu of going up against Andrew’s Alexa Pastierik and Bri Wierzbanowski.

The Wildcats serve at the start with a couple of returns until Liu smacks the birdie for a point.

Later on, both teams continue with back-and-forth returns with Joseph stepping in to deliver a backhand tap to Thunderbolt territory.

This semi-match goes to two sets as Liu delivers the final hit to Andrew. Wildcats win both sets 21-10 and 21-5.

Romeoville and Neuqua Valley badminton meet up in both of the singles semi finals

Our first singles semi is underway with Samira Gallardo from Romeoville and Wildcat Hannah George.

The Spartan gets off to a good start as she smacks the birdie right next to George for a point.

The Wildcat responds back with back-and-forth returns until George steps to the net to send the birdie down for a point.

It’s two straight sets for George, as she sends the birdie to float down. The Wildcat wins both sets, 21-3 and 21-7

Later on, Neuqua Valley’s Amber Shi and Claire An from Romeoville face in the singles semi.

Both deliver back-and-forth returns with The Spartan going for the point to get the match going

Shi, is not giving up yet as the Wildcat delivers a strong left-handed smack that flies past The Spartan’s racket.

This matchup goes to three sets. While Claire An scores and wins the second set, it’s Shi who goes on to win the third set, 21-15.

Vajworarat and Han face off against teammates Liu and Joseph in the final

It’s an all-Wildcat championship for doubles between Vajworarat and Han against Liu and Joseph. There’s some good teamwork from all four players with Vajworarat delivering a forehand tap right next to Joseph.

Han is in action as she receives a powerful hit well and delivers a fast backhand return for the point

Liu responds back to Han as she delivers the birdie into the corner for a point.

A little more action is underway as Joseph delivers a firey return over the net in front of Han.

The match ends with Vajworarat sending a fast birdie to Joseph who hits it into foul territory. The one doubles team of Vajworarat and Han win the final in straight sets 21-7, 21-5.

Neuqua Valley badminton dominates the IHSA Sectional

Another final, and another battle between two Wildcats, as George and Shi go at it.

The two go back and forth until George swings a backhand to get the point.

The match keeps on going and George sends her birdie from down under and up high where Shi smacks it back down.

Similar to the doubles final, this one ends in two sets. Shi almost gets the upper hand with this smack, but it’s too powerful as the birdie flies into foul territory, resulting in a win for George. It’s a day full of winning for the Wildcats, as they win the Sectional championship by 6.5 points over Andrew.

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