Neuqua Valley boys tennis defeats Waubonsie Valley to remain undefeated in DVC play

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After a thrilling DVC win over Metea, Neuqua Valley boys tennis takes on Waubonsie Valley, who enter off a dominant win over Batavia. The Wildcats dropped its season opener to Fremd, but have since won seven straight matchups. The Warriors are winners of four straight, and only one team will continue its winning streak. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Antony Yang and Boris Sirotkin win a close three doubles matchup

Starting in three doubles, with Neuqua’s Anthony Yang and Boris Sirotkin, taking on Waubonsie’s Kailash Seshan and Aarav Jhveri. Early on, Sirotkin gets involved with some volleys at the front of the net. He gets his opponent to miss for the point.

Warriors serve it in, and Yang starts to inch closer towards the net. He waits for the ball and unleashes a powerful show between his opponents. Neuqua takes set one 6-1.

Waubonsie responds here in the second set. Seshan and Sirotkin exchange hits on the rally, with the wildcat starting to play it from off the court. That allows Jhveri to sneak up front and get involved with the play. He finally smacks it down, and the Warriors take the second set 7-5.

It remained close in the final frame. Yang connects on a string of aces, as he moves the ball across both sides of the court. Neuqua takes the final set 6-4 for the doubles victory.

Neuqua Valley boys tennis keeps rolling in doubles play this season

Moving to the two doubles matchup between Wildcat’s Adi Bansal and Rudy Shen and Warriors Eesa Syed and Gautam Mani. Waubonsie gets going early with this nice backhand from Mani.

Neuqua looks to keep its momentum going in two doubles. Bansal gets the Warrior off the court, and Shen is there to knock it home for the point.

The Wildcats are cruising in this matchup, and look to close it out now. Bansal returns the serve and the next time around he sends it down the line for the score. Neuqua wins two doubles by the final scores of 6-2, 6-4.

Wrapping up doubles play with the number one spot between Wildcats Johnny Mou and Ricky Kim and Warriors Sahan Tirukovalluru and Ishaan Suresh Kumar. The Warriors get us going, as Tirukovalluru gets the point on the second hit by placing one down the line.

Mou responds for Neuqua, by hitting one hard toward the Warriors who recover well, but he adds on more power to cause more problems for the Warriors.

Kim is looking to get involved now, and he does on this rally. After going back and forth, he attacks the right side and catches his opponents off guard. Neuqua takes the one-doubles matchup in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3.

Neuqua’s double teams have only dropped two DVC matchups all season long.

Samayan Tayal gets Waubonsie on the team board in singles

Let’s move over to the singles portion of the day with Waubonsie’s Samayan Tayal taking on Neuqua’s Evan Yang. The two go back and forth with one another before the Warrior powers one which is too much for the Wildcat. He takes set one 6-3.

Yang gets to work in the second set, as a long rally ensues. Yang gets his opponent a little off balance and continues to attack that side of the court. He slams it down for the point and we will head to a third set after Yang takes the second 6-1.

The third set would be the closest, and we jump into the middle of a long rally. Tayal hammers one from off the screen and works his way up to the net. After a high shot by the Wildcat, the junior just guides it down for the point. He takes the third and final frame 6-4 to put Waubonsie on the board in the team total.

Revanth Kothapalli keeps the momentum going in singles for WV

Wrapping up the day in one singles with Waubonsies Revanth Kothapalli taking on Neuqua’s Andy Yu. This would be the longest matchup, with it being played right up to sunset. Still in the daylight, Kothapalli walks towards the net and hits one perfect for the point. He takes the first set 6-3.

In the second set, Yu responds with a similar shot down the line for the point. The second goes to a tiebreaker, with the Wildcat winning it 7-5.

As the sun begins to set in the third set, Kothapalli starts to play aggressively. Here, he heads to the front and gets involved with a couple of volleys while running across the court. Eventually, he taps it down for the point.

Neuqua Valley boys tennis gets past Waubonsie Valley

The Warrior then serves it in and the second time around he powers one down for the point and takes the third set 6-3. He gets lifted by his teammates in celebration, as Waubonsie wins both one and two singles. However, Neuqua Valley boys tennis won every other matchup and walk away with a 5-2 team victory over Waubonsie.

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