Neuqua Valley boys tennis takes home the sectional title

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Johnny Mou pulls out thrilling victory in the singles championship to propel Neuqua Valley boys tennis to a sectional title. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

It’s a beautiful day at Metea Valley, where Neuqua Valley, Metea, and Waubonsie Valley are battling for the sectional championship. Neuqua Valley boys tennis is coming in hot from the momentum of last week’s DVC championship victory.

Chawra and Yu take third place in doubles

We’ll kick things off with the third-place doubles matchup with Waubonsie’s Jackson Jiang and Revanth Kothapalli taking on Divyye Chawra and Andy Yu of Neuqua Valley. Kothapalli gets things going early, sending a shot right through the legs of the opposing Wildcat.

Later, Chawra lofts one towards the back line. Kothapalli retreats and returns a shot of his own, but Chawra is there for the smash and it’s too much for Jiang to handle. Neuqua takes the first set 7-5.

This is Andy Yu serving. Both teams exchange some quick volleys before Chawra gets a hold of one and puts it out of reach.  The Wildcat duo would take the second set 6-3, claiming 3rd place in the doubles bracket.

Sun and Javeri walk away as doubles champs

Now, on to the doubles championship between Metea Valley’s Aadit Gandhi and Jash Kadakia and Neuqua Valley’s Kai Sun and Sid Javeri. Here Kadakia’s shot just stays in bounds to give Waubonsie the point in the early going.

Here is Kadakia serving. Kai sun responds with a shot that just whizzes by Gandhi. The Wildcats take the first set 7-5.

In the second set, Javeri and Gandhi exchange a few shots before Kadakia intervenes and gets the ball past Kai Sun.  Waubonsie is still down in the set.

Later on in the action, Kai Sun lofts a shot over the heads of the Warriors, Gandhi is able to send it back, but the Javeri is there for the quick response. Sun and Javeri walk away as the doubles champions.

Akshay Baid claims third in singles

Now let’s move on to the 3rd place singles matchup between Akshay Baid of Metea Valley and Hector Diaz of Waubonsie Valley.  Diaz gets going in early, scoring with this nice backhand shot.

This is Diaz serving now, Baid returns it and then rushes up to the net to send an unreturnable shot up close. Baid wins the first set 6-0.

Now in the second set, Baid is in a groove. He plays up close to the net again and hits a backhand shot out of reach of Diaz. Baid wins the second set 6-1 and takes 3rd place in the singles tournament.

Johnny Mou defeats good friend Aiden Lam in epic singles championship match

Finally, we have our singles championship match with Neuqua Valley’s Johnny Mou and Waubonsie Valley’s Aiden Lam. That’s Johnny Mou scoring early with a backhand shot that just stays in bounds. It’s a tight game in the early going.

Johnny Mou is serving. Aiden Lam returns it then approaches the net and executes a perfect drop shot to score the point. Lam goes on to win the first set 6-4.

Moving on to the second set, Mou and Lam are exchanging volleys until Lam hits a strong backhand out of the reach of Mou. It’s a back-and-forth affair in set number two.

Still in the second set, Aiden Lam is serving. Johnny Mou responds with a strong forehand. Mou takes the second set, but he had to score 6 points in the tiebreaker to do so.

With the match tied at 1 set each, we move on to the final set. The pair are exchanging volleys, until Aiden Lam hits one short into the net, giving Johnny Mou the singles championship. He gives his team just enough points to earn the sectional title.

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