Neuqua Valley boys tennis wins fourth straight IHSA Sectional

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We’re at Waubonsie Valley for an IHSA Boys Tennis Sectional, as the host Warriors and Neuqua Valley are among the top contenders. The Wildcats enter off a second straight DVC title and now look to win a fourth straight Sectional Championship. Everyone competing in the semifinals has already qualified for the State Meet. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley’s Andy Yu defeats West Aurora’s Josh Hartman in singles semifinal

We begin the day with some semifinal action, and first in singles between Neuqua’s Andy Yu, and West Aurora’s Josh Hartman. The Wildcat enters after beating Alan Mendoza of East Aurora in the quarters, while the Blackhawk took down Waubonsie’s Samayan Tayal. After a long rally, Yu charges the net and that allows Hartman to send one past him for the point. He wins set one, 6-4.

Yu responds in the second set, as he serves in. Hartman hits it deep into the corner but the wildcat gets it back across. He eventually hits and charges towards the net, where he hammers it down to win the second set 6-4.

Looking to close it out now, Yu goes back and forth with Hartman a few times, before once again approaching the net. His hit forces the Blackhawk to hit one too strong, and Yu wins the third set 6-0 to advance to the singles final.

Waubonsie’s Revanth Kothapalli gets past Oswego East’s Pranav Kannan

Over to the other singles semifinal with Waubonsie’s Revanth Kothapalli playing Oswego East’s Pranav Kannan. The Warriors serves in, and heads right to the net, where it pays off. Kannan overhits one, and Kothapalli takes set one 7-5. 

Kannan now gets the serve in, as he works the ball around both sides of the court. Kothapalli comes to the net and that allows Kannan to hit it down the line for the point.

Kothapalli however wins the semifinal match by taking the second set 6-2 and will face Andy Yu in the final.

Waubonsie’s one doubles meets up with Neuqua Valley tennis two doubles in Sectional Semi

Let’s get to the doubles action, between Waubonsie’s top pair of Ishaan Suresh Kumar and Sahan Tirukovalluru against Neuqua’s two doubles duo of Rudy Shen and Adi Bansal. We go right to the third set, after WV won the first 6-2, and Neuqua the second 6-3. The Wildcats serve in, and Tirukovalluru slowly creeps to the net. He then hammers the next one down for the point.

Neuqua looking to stay alive now, as Shen puts the perfect amount of power and precision on this shot for the point. This one heads to a tiebreaker!

Kumar goes back and forth with Bansal here, before switching it up and sending it right down the line past Shen for the point. The Warriors take the tiebreaker 7-5, and will play Neuqua’s top doubles of Johnny Mou and Ricky Kim in the final.

Kothapalli wins the IHSA Sectional Singles Championship for Waubonsie tennis

Let’s go to the Singles Championship between Kothapalli and Yu. The Wildcat gets a spark early on by placing this one in the right spot for the point. 

Kothapalli responds right back on this return, as he powers it up for a missile past the Wildcat. The Warrior takes set one 6-3.

The Wildcat serves in, as the two go back and forth with one another. Yu heads up, and Kothapalli sends it right over his head, but look at the composure from Yu. The Wildcat does an excellent job on this hit as it drops down for the point.

The Warrior is looking to close it out now, and he plays aggressively towards the net. He finishes it off with a heavy hitting smash, and wins the second set 6-4 to be crowned the Sectional Champion

Ricky Kim and Johnny Mou win the IHSA Sectional Doubles Championship for Neuqua Valley

After losing just one game in the opening rounds, Neuqua’s top doubles team of Johnny Mou and Ricky Kim take on Suresh Kumar and Tirukovalluru of Waubonsie. Mou is hoping to win a third sectional title in four years, but this would be the first time in doubles!

In the opening set, Mou returns before running towards the net to keep the rally going. The Warriors continue to attack him, but Mou is ready for it. He somehow gets this ball over the net to drop down for a point! The Wildcats dominate the first set, 6-0.

The Warriors, however, lock in here in the second set. Suresh Kumar serves, and goes back and forth with Mou, before sending one the other way past Kim for the point.

The freshman serves again, as everyone gets involved for this rally. The Warriors are able to get a point here and force a second-set tiebreaker. 

Neuqua Valley boys tennis wins fourth straight IHSA Sectional

Kim returns this serve with perfection, as it gets called in! The Wildcats win the Doubles Sectional Championship, by taking the second set 7-5. Mou finishes his Neuqua tennis career with three IHSA individual sectional championships, as the Wildcats win a fourth straight sectional plaque. They get past Waubonsie by just two points, as everyone playing today will compete at the IHSA State Tournament.

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