Neuqua Valley boys tennis wins second straight DVC Championship

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 Neuqua Valley boys tennis looks to win its second straight DVC title, as this year’s championship is held at Metea Valley. The Mustangs and Wildcats enter with 26 season points, seven points ahead of North in third. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Charlie Morgan wins the One Singles DVC Championship for Naperville Central tennis

We start with one singles between Naperville Central’s Charlie Morgan and Metea’s Akshay Baid. The Mustang returns one well, and approaches before skimming the net. He volleys one down for the point.

Baid serves, and Morgan sends it back to the Mustang as they go back and forth. Morgan then unloads for a powerful backhand that goes down the line for the point! He wins the first set 7-6.

We jump to set three after Baid won the second, 6-1. Morgan serves and works the court, hitting one right into the corner. That allows him to charge the net and volley one home. Morgan is the DVC One Singles Champion and remains undefeated in conference play. 

Mihir Arya and Royce Lalani give Metea Valley three points in the two singles final

Serving in the two doubles championship is Mihir Arya for Metea, as his partner Royce Lalani hits the second time around. They hit one right between Naperville North’s pair of Qooly Somoza and Aarush Bhardwaj to win set one 6-3.

The Huskies look to respond in set two, as Somoza serves it in. He then sends a heater right at Lalani and gets the point. The second set heads to a tiebreaker.

Somoza serves again, and Lalani is ready for the return as this time he’s the one to power one at his opponent, and the Huskies hit it out. Arya and Lalani are the two doubles champions, securing three points for Metea in the team standings. 

Ricky Kim and Johnny Mou leads Neuqua Valley boys tennis to the One Doubles DVC Championship title

Now over to the one doubles championship with Neuqua’s Ricky Kim and Johnny Mou. Kim’s at the net, and volleys one down hard for the point to win set one, 6-2.

Metea Valley’s Ameya Tyagi and Rish Railkar took down the Wildcats on this court about a month ago, and they use the net presence for a point here. 

The Wildcats, however, are looking to close out the second set, and the match. Mou returns one well, and goes again, before Kim jumps up and guides one between the Mustangs. Neuqua takes the second set 6-3 and wins the One Doubles DVC Championship! 

Waubonsie’s Samayan Tayal wins a long match against Evan Yang

The Two Singles Championship had to be moved to Monday due to inclement weather on Thursday, and darkness on Friday. Wildcat Evan Yang takes on Waubonsie’s Samayan Tayal. Yang serves in and starts to work the ball around both sides of the court, but Tayal stays with it. This is a long Rally, but great work and stamina from the Warrior. Eventually, Yang hits into the net.

The first set is in a tiebreaker, and the Wildcat now serves. The two hit back and forth before Yang eventually sends one perfectly into the corner and past the Warrior. He takes set one 7-5.

Tayal now jump serves it in, and he winds up for a powerful shot into the corner, where all the Wildcat can do is lob it back. The Warrior sends it right back into that spot, and he wins the two doubles championship by taking the second set 6-4, and the third 12-10!

Neuqua Valley boys tennis wins third DVC title in four years

Yang’s performance still helps Neuqua Valley to a second straight DVC Championship, and a third one in the past four years! They edge out Metea by just two points, while Naperville North, and Central tie for third, and Waubonsie finishes in fourth.

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