Neuqua Valley girls bowling defeats Naperville Central by 97 pins

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Let’s head to Parkside Lanes as Naperville Central and Neuqua Valley girls bowling meet up for a conference matchup. Neuqua Valley looks to continue its DVC winning streak after beating Naperville North last week. Naperville Central is 0-1 in the DVC after losing to Waubonsie Valley. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville Central starts with a solid game one

The game starts with Naperville Central’s Po Elizalde-Sanchez, who manages to put in a strike for the Redhawks. She would start the first game with a score of 101 and 310.

Up next is Redhawk Megan Moreno, who’s looking to knock the rest of the pins down for the spare. She gets it and ends the series with a score of 364.

Speaking of spares, Naperville Central’s Maddie Davila would go for her own by hitting the last pin. Davila would go on to score 371 for the series.

Neuqua Valley girls bowling responds

To the Wildcat side, Khushi Patel of Neuqua Valley successfully rolls a strike. Patel would go on to score 121 for game two and a score of 335 for the series.

Flying back to the Redhawks with Kate Andersen who successfully rolls in a strike. Kate would go on to score a 410 for the series.

Up next is Teresa Duffrin of Naperville Central as she attempts to roll in a strike. She does just that, and leads the Redhawks with a 543 overall series.

The Wildcats are still rolling as Suhana Merchant rolls in for a strike. She secures a score of 159 for game two and a 438 series.

On the lane is Wildcat Chanel Edwards, rolling her ball in for another strike, resulting in a double. Chanel would go on to score a 205 for game two, leading The Wildcats with a series score of 559.

Furthermore, Naperville Central’s Alice Cecil managed to roll in a strike and a score of 316 for the series.

To the other lane is Neuqua Valley’s Surina Merai, who rolls in an excellent strike to help get a score of 139 for game two and a series score of 387.

Neuqua Valley improves to 2-0 in the DVC

The Wildcats still got some action as Erin Scott rolls in a strike. Scott scores a 144 for game three and a 352 for the series.

Finishing the day is Aniya Emerson, who rolls in a spare and an overall series score of 339. The Wildcats go on to win by 97 pins with a score of 2112 to secure a 2-0 conference record.

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