Neuqua Valley girls tennis picks up first DVC win of the year over visiting Naperville Central

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Neuqua Valley girls tennis hosting a DVC matchup for the first time this season with Naperville Central taking the trip to visit the Wildcats. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Singles matchups go back and forth

At one singles we see sophomore Claire Cameron from Naperville Central taking on Kendall Klimek from Neuqua Valley. Klimek with the serve in the early going but Cameron just rockets a forehand past her for the point.

Cameron serving now in the second set, Klimek makes a great effort to chase down a line drive return. It shows the importance of keeping the ball alive because Cameron gets over eager with her return that sails too far out of play. The Wildcat takes the win in straight sets 6-2, 6-0.

Over to number three singles where Lillian Rentmeester from Neuqua Valley squares off with sophomore Amy Yang. It would be tough for either player to get an edge in this matchup with several long volleys back and forth. Eventually the Wildcat junior is able to push her opponent to the right and fire home the point when Yang can not get to it in time. Rentmeester wins set one 6-3.

Yang is not discouraged as she puts some great backspin on this backhand return for the point. The Redhawk takes set two 6-4 and we are heading to a tiebreaker.

First to ten points will take this one as Rentmeester serves in the near court. Yang is able to make the shots she needs, using another backhand to put things away 10-7 for the hard fought win.

At number two singles Maya Raman from Neuqua Valley takes on Luoxu Chen from Central. Raman serves in the first set and Chen is prepared with a steady round of volleys until her opponent finds the net, giving the point to the Redhawk.

In the second set, Raman is able to get Chen moving around the court with a variety of shots. Chen is able to get to the ball several times, but Raman puts some strong spin on the ball putting Chen back on the defensive. Eventually one of Chen’s returns goes long as Raman takes the win in straight sets 6-2, 6-4.

Wildcats looking sharp in doubles play

Moving on to the doubles matches where we have Lauren Varak and Mehar Kuar from Neuqua Valley and Megan Moreno and Melody Xu from Central competing in three doubles.

After the Wildcats win the opening set, Moreno and Xu look to get back in track in set number two. Moreno taking care of the back line while Xu plays at the net. Kuar goes for a line drive forehand but Xu just deadens a return that bounces twice for the point.

Varak serving in the far court now for Neuqua and Kuar steps up for the quick smash on the return. The Wildcats seize control and take three doubles 6-0, 6-2.

At number two doubles it’s Madalyn Finke and Zara Khan from Neuqua against sophomores Sarah Paik and Chaeli Ha from Naperville Central. The Redhawks with the serve in the opening set. A quick volley back and forth. Finke goes for the poach, but gets the edge of the racquet on the ball as Central takes the point.

However, the juniors from Neuqua turn things around from there. Khan waits back for a return before ripping a forehand down the line. Khan and Finke take the win 6-1, 6-2 as the Wildcats are on the verge of sweeping doubles.

The top doubles matchup features Sophie Chiou and Kylie Tran from Neuqua Valley against Ami Patel and Kira Yang for the Redhawks. Yang serves in the far court and this time, the Central poach is successful as Patel sends over the quick return.

Chiou serving in the near court for the blue and gold. A quick reaction from Patel at the net keeps the point alive, but Chiou loads up and finishes the point with a big time backhand. Wildcats take the first set 6-3.

Tran with the serve as the Wildcats are on the brink of victory. Chiou is ready for the Naperville Central return and Neuqua Valley girls tennis takes the team victory by a 6-1 tally as Chiou and Tran win one doubles as well 6-3, 6-4.

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