Niko Gordon Shaves Head for St. Jude; Off the Field

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Niko Gordon celebrated scoring touchdowns by leaping into his teammate’s arms. Come summertime the running back took another leap of faith by shaving his head for a good cause and hoping the community would rally behind him. This Off the Field is presented by Molly Maid of Aurora Naperville Area.

“I seen a lot of vid eos of people doing it like on the internet and stuff and I’ve seen a lot of stories of different people, but it was just kinda that reason that I’ve seen like what other people have had to do”

What started with web surfing soon became a birthday fundraiser idea to give Gordon the opportunity to help out future kids with cancer. So, the night before his 17th birthday it came to mind for him to bring out the razor and help make a difference.

“I kinda always wanted to shave my head I’ve been talking about it for a little bit but I kinda needed a reason to do it and so last night I kinda came up with the idea and I said why not so yeah kinda started from there”

He wanted to raise at least $750 dollars but the event itself brought attention to many of his classmates and it raised over three thousand dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“I didn’t expect a lot I was actually kinda nervous last night that it would flop I told a few of my friends that I hope this doesn’t like go nowhere and it just look like I’m doing it for nothing but it didn’t happen so”

As the number of donations continued to climb, the achievement left Gordon in shock.

“it honestly just leaves me speechless there wasn’t much to say but it just meant a lot that everyone could come together to support a good cause that I was able to bring everyone together and without them none of it would’ve been possible”

While we wait for him to get back into the end zone this fall, he will be giving back to the community for the time being.

Reporting for Naperville Sports Weekly I’m Patrick Codo