Sam Miserendino and Warrior teammates scramble to secure a point

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Our first girls play of the week for Naperville Sports Weekly Season 17, comes from Sam Miserendino and the Waubonsie Valley volleyball team. This play is presented by Trunnell Insurance.

Waubonsie hits the road to start the new season as the Warriors visit Oswego East. The Wolves will be a tough test after winning a regional championship and defeating Waubonsie Valley twice last fall.

The Warriors were able to take set one with a final score of 25-20.

We’ll head to the second set from the first Warriors game of the season against Oswego East.

Whatever it takes from Sam Misrendino

After some deflections, Sam Miserendino hits the floor for a pancake dig that gets sent back over. Maddie Hwang then keeps the ball alive for Naisha Khanna, who gets a return over. The Wolves’ timing is off on the kill attempt which forces Reinhard and Khanna to punch it back to Oswego East frantically. The final kill for the Wolves is blocked at the net by Dowd to end the marathon point. This play helped Waubonsie sweep Oswego, two sets to none.

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