Scott Lawler Ready for Future as Benet Academy AD

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In past spring seasons you recognized Scott Lawler sitting in the Benet Academy baseball dugout coaching his players to success on the field. With the 2021-22 school year upon us, Lawler will now be overseeing all athletics as the new Benet Academy Athletic Director. Find out more in the this feature presented by Edward Medical Group.

“I’m excited because we have a great group of coaches great teams great kids and I can’t wait to get started watching them and see what I can do and help and enhance their experience here at Benet.”

Replacing a Legend

While the new AD spent plenty of time around the baseball diamond, he has also served as the Redwing assistant AD under legendary athletic director Gary Goforth. Lawler has deep ties to the Naperville area, and graduated from Naperville Central. His father, Phil Lawler, was a baseball coach at Central for over 30 years. After coaching stops at Evansville, Notre Dame and one year as Athletic Director at Dowagiac High School in Michigan, Lawler has spent the last 10 years at Benet Academy. As just the 4th AD in the past 72 years at Benet Academy, Lawler hopes to carry on Goforth’s familial culture not just for the school, but for the community.

“You know him being here for a lot of years he got to know not only the current students but a lot of times he had taught or coached maybe mom or dad and so just being present I learned a lot from him and knowing names.”

Continuing the Legacy of Success

Those names will be important in carrying on the winning tradition developed under Goforth as Benet has witnessed every sport succeed during his time in the building. Many regional and sectional plaques and of course, state trophies have been captured and more will certainly be on the way as the years go by. Although for Lawler there’s more on his agenda than just winning.

“When you win people have fun so it’s been for me a great 10 years having a great time with our current students future students and also our alums enjoying the success we have with all the different teams.”

Staying on the Diamond

Benet Academy baseball is just one one of those successful teams in the black and red. For the time being, Lawler will stick to his head coaching duties, but whether he coaches or supervises, he knows he will always have great support on the bench.

“I love being a coach I got great assistant coaches for baseball so I know the baseball team is used to me running in and out because when I had to help Gary at times I’ve already trained them with me trying to be an administrator and just try to help do some upgrades here at Benet. I can’t wait to get started with some of those with some facility things.”

BA is currently 3 weeks into their athletic season and from here on out, the new head of the program is ready for all the challenges that lie ahead.

“A lot of different things I got to learn from not just girls sports boys sports outside sports how to host things and then having those meetings with the coaches so you can improve year in and year out”

Reporting for Naperville Sports Weekly I’m Patrick Codo.

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