Sularski sibling trio powers Benet Academy basketball

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Benet Academy guards Emilia and Maggie Sularski are back in the starting lineup for their senior seasons with the girls basketball team. The twins have been crucial to the Redwings making back-to-back trips to state, including a 4A runner-up finish last season. This year, another Sularski is ready to burst into the spotlight for the Benet boys team as younger brother Gabe begins his first varsity season as a sophomore. Despite this being his varsity debut, Gabe Sularski became one of the fastest-rising names in the basketball recruiting circle over the summer. Now, his older sisters are excited to see him make a significant impact for a Redwing program that also finished as the 4A runner-up last season. This Feature Story is sponsored by Edward-Elmhurst Health.

Third times the Sularski

“Over the summer, he’s been getting a bunch of offers, Big Ten offers, but he’s never played in a varsity game. So it was really exciting to see them start off on a good note and have him playing in a varsity game so it is really nice,” senior Benet Academy senior Emilia Sularski. 

“I was really excited for him and now that he has a starting spot, I’m just really excited for him to play and show off what he has in his talent I’m just really excited for him,” said Emilia’s sister Maggie Sularski. 

Learning from a senior loaded team

Because the Redwing roster was filled with talented seniors, Gabe spent his freshman year on the sophomore team so he would be able to see the court more often and develop. His time with Benet and playing on the EYBL circuit has impressed college scouts resulting in scholarship offers from powerhouse programs like Illinois, Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Mizzou. With the newfound attention, he knows he has to continue the grind and deliver when the lights are brightest if he wants to succeed down the road. 

“It’s different from Sophomore because the intensity of the game play up and down and I know girls is a little different from boys but the intensity of the game and playing on both sides of the floor not just offense but on defense as well,” said Benet Academy sophomore Gabe Sularski. 

New players same wings

Despite the loss of four starters from last year, Gabe and the Redwings are off to a strong start to the season which includes winning the St. Charles East Thanksgiving Tournament, where he earned tournament MVP. This early performance is no surprise to the rest of the Sularski household as the family itself is just, eat, sleep, and basketball this time of year. 

“We’ve been playing basketball our whole lives together and with Gabe finally on varsity it’s really exciting and I’m excited for all the other games to come,” said Emilia. 

“We all train together so they simulate defense for me. They follow me and stuff so they can get me prepared because there’s going to be fouls in games so you have to play through it,” said Gabe. 

Brother and sisterly love on the driveway

Outside of Benet, the three always stay in training mode, and while they try to improve their game, things can get competitive on the driveway.  

“Every single time we are training, every one-on-one, we are going at each other and we try to get each other better each day and push each other,” said Maggie. 

“We always have a little competition, but it’s hard this time because when we go one on one he likes to block us all the time we still have a fun time going one-on-one and just getting competitive and better every day,” said Emilia. 

“I get a couple buckets and put them in the post sometimes and have some words to exchange, but when they get a bucket, they start celebrating like “Oh, I just scored on you,” and I’m just like that’ll be the last time,” said Gabe with a smile. 

Excitement down the road

That competitiveness just fuels this tight-knit family up for success on the court. Emilia and Maggie hope to end their high school career at the top of the mountain, while Gabe hopes to get his first taste of the state experience himself. While Gabe still has a couple of years to decide on his next step, the twins are each taking their talents to Hillsdale College in Michigan next season.

The two will certainly miss rocking their Redwing uniforms but they are excited for what their senior seasons will bring as well as for their brother’s future.

“I think he’s going to get better each day. Next year I think he’s going to kill it and his senior year especially, he’s just going to get better and better,” said Emilia.

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